Bountiful Blog Tour

The ever talented Sharon Holland has once again designed a delightful new fabric line named Bountiful for Art Gallery Fabrics.


Bountiful is my newest fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics that celebrates the beauty and natural resources of the vast countryside in America’s Midwest. “

I’m thrilled that Sharon sent me a bundle of her fabrics to play with. I started following her a while ago when I discovered she used some of my favorite colors and created the softest, most delicate fabric designs. 

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 1

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 2

I really wanted to play with the push and pull of value and placement. It is so interesting to me how changing one or two things completely changes the look of the block.

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 3

I admit I went all geeky with Y-seams and spinning my intersections. This stuff is what I live for creatively.

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 4

I loved the stack of them together. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more. Next time I’ll make a zillion of these blocks.

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 5

I don’t know about you, but I typically design a quilt around the fabric. I am taken with odd shapes like hexagons and triangles in quilts. I also enjoy playing around with scale of blocks. I thought it would be fun to create two blocks that I usually see in English Paper Piecing designs and turn them into pieced designs.  I changed my idea a few times. After I made a handful of the blocks I decided to order a few more of her fabrics from Bountiful to fill it out a little more with more dramatic contrast.

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 7

I struggled deciding on the accompanying fabric. I picked both an Art Gallery Linen and an Art Gallery denim to see which I liked better with these fabrics. They are completely different from the other, linen and denim.

The linen adds a physical depth and texture, and is super subtle. Some of the blocks melt away into the linen. In contrast, the denim is more bold and provides a nice contrast to the subdued fabrics. The denim is also buttery soft and so nice to sew with. I chose to use both and play on their properties.

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 9

I let some of the lighter blocks melt into the linen. I also put a bold more saturated block next to the denim and let it melt away. I really had fun with the fabric placement based on value, scale and orientation. This is the kind of thing that sets my soul on fire.

Bountiful Blog Hop Anjeanette 11

I’m still trying to figure out the final layout for this quilt. I need to hold it up to my husband for snuggle size. Unfortunately, he’s away at sleepaway camp with my younger son. The final layout isn’t decided upon. I suspect I’ll order some more denim to really set the edges off. We shall see.


So far this blog hop has been amazing! My friend Cindy of Live a Colorfullife used Bountiful to make her Delta Breeze quilt pattern. It looks amazing in this line. I love seeing the side by side of a more modern version of the same pattern. The other makers are just top notch too. Lynn Harris from Little Red Hen shared yesterday. She made some gorgeous outfits from the Art Gallery Knits in Sharon’s designs. I’ve yet to try their knits but it is on my ever growing wish list. Tomorrow is Mathew of Mister Domestic. I’m certain his project is going to be a delight too.  Follow along and see for yourself. Sharon sure rounded up a bunch of talent for this hop!

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Sue Stone – Needle in a Fabric Stash

Thanks again Sharon, for letting me play with your gorgeous fabric!

Betz White Juxtaposey Fabric


Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop 1

My friend, Betz White has designed another lovely fabric line with Riley Blake. It’s called Juxtaposey. I loved reading about the inspiration for this line. “Juxtaposey is a juxtaposition of florals and other motifs drawn from textile influences from around the world. I love the stitching and textures of handwork from different cultures. The interesting thing is, the more I look and learn about them, the more I see similarities between them. Flower shapes, certain stitches, placed motifs, border prints, etc. To design Juxtaposey, I took a virtual trip around the globe and interpreted what I saw through my own lens then gave it a little stylistic spin.”

Juxtaposey blog hop Betz White Anjeanette Klinder

Betz shared picture collage on Instagram with gorgeous needlework on dresses, and pillows.  The line also has matching wool solids that are now available from Riley Blake. I was thrilled to be asked by Betz if I wanted to play with her fabric. After I sent my request for specific fabrics, I instantly regretted not asking to play with the wool too. It looks so dreamy, and the colors match perfectly with this line. Actually, I had a hard time picking which fabrics I wanted to play with from this line. They are so vivid and happy. The designs are downright fun. Who can resist Llamas, and turtles that make a cute motif? To me, the fabric cried out to be fussy cut. So that’s what I did.


I thought it was more interesting to offset the motifs to make a star. I really enjoy figuring out how to do this. Then, I matched up a triangle of the star and fussy cut half the star points. I didn’t want to be all matchy matchy, so I left the points that don’t make the triangle as just random cuts.


I still had to fussy cut the orientation of each additional star point. I may not be able to describe it perfectly, but I really enjoyed making it anyway. 

I fussy cut this delicious print to look like an embroidered ribbon wrapping around the edges of the pillow. I mitered each corner. Some of them came out perfectly. (Some not so perfect.)


I knew I had to do some hand stitching on it too. I couldn’t find a bright pink to match, but did find most of the other colors.


I started with a couple of flowers and leaves, but couldn’t stop. Seriously, it was so fun to play. I had to cut myself off, or the fabrics wouldn’t shine.


I put a layer of batting behind the block and did some long quilting stitches. It is supposed to be reminiscent of Sashiko embroidery since Betz had mentioned it had inspired her. My hand quilting is a little rough, but I still really enjoyed putting the needle in and drawing it through the fabric.

Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop 9

I did a row of quilting in each color aside from white.

Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop 10

It is subtle, but I adore the texture it brings to the pillow.

Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop13

Seriously! This print is so pretty and the colors are so vivid.

Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop12

The back of the pillow, I made a couple of inches bigger than the front. I gathered the back of the pillow and attached to the front. I love how it came out.

Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop 7

I regret not asking for more fabric for an entire quilt.

Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop 8

It’s fairly gloomy here in Maryland right now. This the season for overcast skies and over-exposed pictures, unfortunately. I couldn’t get a bright day for pictures. Still, I think this little pillow is just yummy.

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And of course, Betz White


Anjeanette Klinder Betz White Blog hop15

Thanks again Betz for letting me play with your fabric!

Smile and Wave Tote with Betz White’s new Dutch Treat fabric


It is always nice getting to meet other creative minds in real life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met Betz White a few times. She is fairly local to me. My quilt guild has had her for a trunk show for one of her books. I took a class from her at a local quilt retreat and I feel like there was another time. She is just sweet as can be. When I saw that she was putting out a new fabric line with Riley Blake, I was so excited for her.


smile and wave tote anjeanette klinder 4

I was fortunate enough to get to play with some of her new fabric. How cute is this selvage? I love details like that. I was drawn to the blues and greens in her line so I chose fabrics in those colors. The other colorways are adorable as well.

I’ve had her Smile and Wave Tote on my mile long to do list. I thought this was the perfect excuse to make it. What gets me are all the curved details. You just don’t see that design element often in totes. I made the large size because I’m always in need of large totes. Every time I go to anything quilt related, I kick myself in the pants because I need more ways to carry all my quilty accoutrement.

Smile and Wave Tote Anjeanette Klinder 3

I had exactly the right amount of  Pellon Flex Foam for this tote. I’m not 100% in love with foam of any brand. I think it changes the shape of the bags and totes it is used in. With a tote this large, I wanted something that would stand on it’s own. While I LOVE how easy foam is to use, and I love it for this project, I think it flattens the tote a little more than I like. I still think it was the right insides for this tote. It just makes the sides flare out a little more than I like.

 smile and wave tote Anjeanette Klinder

There is a large pocket in the front. I omitted the pocket in the back. I only use one pocket on a tote. I like to have a definite front and back. I love the curve of the blue on top and bottom of this tote. smile and wave tote Anjeanette Klinder 2

I can’t wait to fill this with fabric and take it to my next quilt guild meeting. Check out Betz White’s website for more awesome projects with this adorable new line.

Sweet Baby Jane Mini Quilt with Tapestry Fabric

Anjeanette Klinder Sweet Baby Jane

When we moved to Maryland in 2010, my favorite colors became yellow and orange. I fell in love with the colors of spring here. Coming from the desert of Arizona, the happy spring colors became a fast favorite. Once again, we had seasons and something beautiful to look forward to in each season.

In the last maybe three years, peach has really grown on me too. It is a softer version of orange and yellow, you know! Since I use fabric as my main creating medium, I am somewhat limited by what I can create, based on what is availible. For years, you have been able to get lovely pinks and reds. Finding pretty orange, yellow and peach fabrics has been extremely hard. When I saw the newest Tapestry Fabric line from Sharon Holland I knew I needed to get my hands on it. It is the perfect orangy peach.  I think some might call it tangerine, but that seems harsh for this lovliness.

Tapestry Fabric by Sharon Holland of Art Gallery Fabric

Tapestry starts with these lovely soft floral designs in delicate colors. There is a bit of boldness with the Tanger and Earth Mudcloth designs on the bottom row. For more contrast, there are geometric designs like the two middle prints. That is my perfect mix of fabric prints. And of course, the colors are my favorite. I’ve waited a long time for a nice soft grouping of peaches and tangerine colors.

sweet baby jane 2

Since my quilt guild friends and I have been playing with the Diabolical Jane design, I decided to make another in a mid mini size. This one I made completely for me. I have a space on my wall where it will reside. I used the same process to sew the segments together. The measurements of my rectangles are 2 1/2 X 6 1/2. The squares are 2 1/2 X 2 1/2. I like the idea of floating the center part of the design on some light peach solid fabric. I think it makes the center design stand out.

sweet baby jane

Thanks to Sharon Holland for finally making a lovely line with everything I adore about fabric. I’ve already made another purchase to keep these lovelies in my stash.

Anjeanette Klinder Sweet Baby Jane 3

Go check out Sharon Holland Designs and Art Gallery Fabrics and enjoy some more eye candy.  You can search Instagram for more lovelies made with Tapestry Fabrics. Anjeanette Klinder Sweet Baby Jane 2

Thanks you Sharon Holland for these lovely fabrics!

My Sweet Baby Jane mini for The Minis Blog Tour

Anjeanette Sweet Baby Jane The Minis Blog hop

Do you follow Pat Bravo on Instagram? I do. When I saw her post looking for people to participate in a mini quilt blog hop using some of her new fabrics, I jumped at the chance. I chose to use a sweet bundle of Dare because it had such a great mixture of patterns.


I knew after I saw these lovelies that they were destined for greatness. Yes, I said greatness. My guild mates have been making fantastic quilts using the Diabolical Jane design that they started after seeing something similar in a museum. Jessie and Melinda have already made several Diabolical Janes and I have been looking for the perfect fabrics for a Jane of my own.

Anjeanette Sweet Baby Jane The Minis Blog hop 2

The name was Diabolical Jane was chosen because for such simple layout, fabric placement is rather challenging. I thought it would be fun to make my version by highlighting the center of the design and not continuing the blocks all the way through each side. I received fat eighths of the fabric and ran out of the perfect black dot on white background fabric. I decided to supplement alternating sides with the yummy solid in the pack. Since mine is a cute mini, and a little different than the originals, I changed the name to suit this mini a little better: Sweet Baby Jane! I think I always say this, but I kind of love her!

Thanks to Pat Bravo for letting me play along.
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Diabolical Jane coloring page

Diabolical Jane on IG

You can search IG for #diabolicaljane to see the adventures so far.


The DCMQG often goes on field trips to different museums and art exhibits in the area. A while ago, they went to the Women’s museum and saw some antique quilts. There was one quilt in particular that many of our members were taken with.

Jessie had worked on her own version. With the recent blizzard, there was a lot of sewing time for many of us. She pulled her beauty out and it sparked Melinda to start her own.

Jane has one of her own in progress too.  This links to her IG I’m not sure if she has a blog.

I had a sick little boy and wasn’t able to get any sewing time in. However, I did a mock up to play with color placement. Jane and Jessie are keeping to the original color placement. I’m ok with screwing it up.

There was a bit of back and forth between Jessie, Melinda and I as they were searching for the perfect fabrics and placement for their own version. The name Diabolical Jane came up because it is a simple idea, but the selection of fabrics and placement of said fabrics is a bit of a battle.

Anyway, here is a coloring page I mocked up while sick boy was in my lap. I am sure there are going to be many different variations of this and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Jessie is going to have a tutorial up on her blog at some point.

Diabolical Jane from Anjeanette

I tried to come up with something similar to the original value layout here.

Diabolical Jane original value from Anjeanette

And then just some random playing because I like to do this kind of thing.

daibolical jane sample from Anjeanette

If you join in on making Diabolical Jane, please make sure you share on IG with #diabolicaljane.

Pellon Fusible Flex Foam Blog Hop

When Pellon asked me if I wanted to play with a new Flex Foam that is **FUSIBLE** I may have wept a little. I mean really, does it get any better than Fusible Flex Foam? I said absolutely yes!


The deets: “Pellon® Flex-Foam™ is a lightweight stabilizer consisting of a layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of soft fabric. It is excellent for use in crafts, accessories, and home décor projects for an elegant finished look. It can be used in place of or in addition to other stabilizers. Flex-Foam is a breeze to sew through and adds shape and body to projects such as computer cases, eyeglass cases, purses, tote bags, cup holders, diaper bags, and more! It is compatible with a wide variety of fabrics. It is available as a sew-in, a 1-sided fusible or a 2-sided fusible. Available 20” on the board and 60” on the roll*. ”


FF77 Flex-Foam™ Sew-In –

FF78F1 Flex-Foam™ 1-Sided Fusible –

FF79F2 Flex-Foam™ 2-Sided Fusible –

Flex-Foam is a great way to add soft and sturdy support to anything you want to keep it’s shape. And now you can fuse it right to your fabric.

All I could think of was how I could totally eliminate a drop in liner for simple bags and totes. For several nights I couldn’t get the idea of a simple tote made with the 2-sided fusible and bound seams out of my head. Of course, there are a multitude of other uses for the Fusible Flex Foam, but this is the one that instantly piqued my interest.  Any small zip bags, basic tote or pouch could fairly easily be made with the Fusible Flex Foam foam and hiding the seams in some binding. 

I like the look of quilting on the Flex Foam. I played around a little with some basic tracing of the fabric elements with my hopping foot.

flex foam Anjeanette

The product sews like a dream. When I was sewing straight stitches, I used my walking foot and used Clover Wonder Clips to hold it all in place instead of pins. Again, with my walking foot it sews beautifully. I like the texture created by sewing on the foam. Since it is fused to the fabric, you certainly don’t need to quilt it, I just liked the look of a patchwork tote. I used a simple shape with curved bottom. The Flex Foam gives great structure to the tote without being hard. You can squish the tote up and it will bounce back into shape.

flex foam Anjeanette 1

I love the way my tote turned out. It is simple and yet yummy. 

flex foam Anjeanette 2

The best part is the lining is perfectly snug against all the sides without any sagging or pulling. And while we are at it, no saggy bottom either! I hate a saggy bottom.

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My Meadow Quilt Workshop with Lizzy House

Lizzy House Anjeanette 1

I love taking classes from other quilters. I don’t care if it is my “style” they are teaching. I can always learn something new. I honestly think that I get so much more out of the experience of making, when I can make with other makers. In the flesh I feel so connected to something more than just playing with fabric. I also think just watching how other makers make, I always pick up something new.

Lizzy House Anjeanette 2

So fabric designer, artist, quilter, dress maker, person extraordinaire Lizzy House came to our DC area to teach her workshop only Meadow Quilt. It was pretty popular in our area, actually. It quickly grew into 5 or 6 days of workshops as well as a DCMQG sponsored lecture one evening. My friend Pam of Del Ray Fabrics hosted two of the workshops at Fibre Space. Natalie of Finch had two days as well as some of the ladies from our guild had another workshop in Virginia. I can’t remember the name of the location.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the lecture. I really wanted to hear Lizzy’s lecture. I wanted to know more about her story and how she got where she is. I heard it was great though. Not that I’m surprised at all.

Our location was just as adorable as could be. The shop inside was very clean and organized, but still comfy. If only I was a knitter. I would likely visit more often.

Lizzy House Anjeanette 3

I was half an hour late. It was crazy! I had given myself an extra half an hour to get there on time. But DC area traffic being what it is, it took me an hour longer than I expected. (Read two and a half hours for something that should have been one and a half.) As I was driving in, I was contemplating just turning around. For raising a family, we live in a nice rural area. But for getting together with other makers, it just seems so far. A comparison of driving in the LA area and the DC area is likely a good one. It was a nightmare. I’m glad I decided to press on.

By the time I got there, I was embarrassed for being late, and a bit flustered by the drive. Luckily for me, my friend Melinda Quirky Granola Girl had saved me a space. I missed introductions from everyone and particularly Lizzy.

Lizzy House Anjeanette 5

Lizzy House Anjeanette 6

Lizzy was sweet and very knowledgeable! She knows this quilt inside and out. She sat down and actually stitched up the block on a close sewing machine. She was so down to earth and fun.

She makes her clothes too! I don’t know about you, but that is absolutely bonus points in my book. I’m impressed with people that know more than just quilting.

Lizzy House Anjeanette 7

She paused for lots of pictures of each step. Waiting for each person to fully understand each step.

Lizzy House Anjeanette 8

Here she was squaring up my block.

Lizzy House Anjeanette 9

She also previewed her new line. I am so in love with the peachy/orange colors.

Lizzy House Anjeanette 10

When we were done with our sample blocks, she even signed our blocks if we asked her to.

I am so glad I was able to make it to her workshop. She doesn’t sell the pattern, you have to take the workshop to learn how to make it. She finishes up the Meadow Quilt Classes this year I believe.

If you still have openings for this workshop near you, I highly recommend it.

My Cascading Star quilt for the Jaftex Blog Hop


** My drawing is now closed.  I’m sending an email to the winner.

Regina said :This is great -the fabric flip and faced binding are great new tools to take away from this project.”   Thanks for entering all.

Waaay back in June of 2013, I got to play with some fabric from Henry Glass & Co for the Desire to Inspire posts on their blog. They sent me some fabric and I could make whatever I wanted with it. I love a good challenge.

Fast forward to this summer. I was contacted by Henry Glass again and asked if I wanted to participate in a blog hop. Sure. Of course. I am always game to play with fabric.

I present to you my Cascading Star mini quilt. Isn’t she lovely?


They sent me a bundle of Fusion Illusion fabrics from Blank Quilting Corp. (Part of the Jaftex family.) I got to use the bundle and some white textured fabric they sent, to make something for the blog hop. When the fabrics arrived, I knew exactly what I was going to make. This fabric is bright and bold and in a fairly good rainbow variety of colors.

My favorite quilt I’ve ever made has to be my Botanics Star Quilt.


It hangs on my family room wall and I spend a fair amount of time looking at it. When I looked at these interlocking star shapes, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like with the legs forming some kind of chain of cascading stars. The interlocking long legs would create a ribbon of stars that meander over a space.

I wanted to keep all the legs of each individual star in the same color so I flipped over alternating legs to use the backside of the fabric to create some dimension. I think it is very subtle but effective in creating distance and dimension. (The leg on the right is the wrong side of the fabric.)2015_08_04_6597

I flipped over some of the background pieces as well, to give a subtle dimension.  Then I laid out my stars into individual stars.


I wanted the legs of each star to be varied and wonky, some of the tips missing even.  That is a big one for me. I normally like order and perfect points. Since I was playing, I wanted to throw caution to the wind and just explore the shapes.

I had made a mock up of how I wanted the mini to look and specifically which leg needed to be long and touching the next star. I referred to my diagram as I made each star. The colors on the diagram were purposefully done so I could tell which leg was to be with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. Each touching leg is a darker color…right side facing up.

cascading stars by Anjeanette Klinder


With all the white in the background, I really took time to think about how I wanted to bind this. I didn’t want a bright color to interfere with the edge of the mini.

faced binding by anjeanette

I figured this was the perfect time to try a faced binding. I love how it turned out.



The faced binding is hand stitched to the back so there are no lines from the front!

I love it and am so glad for the chance to participate in the blog hop celebrating Jaftex.


Now for the fun stuff. Please check out the other blogs for the rest of the month for your chance for some great prizes. Also, if you want to win a bundle of the same fabrics I used, please leave a comment on this blog post. I’m going to put the entries all in a hat and choose one winner October 1st.


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Jaftex 85th Anniversary Blog Hop

Have you heard? We are celebrating the 85th anniversary of Jaftex with a blog hop. I’m stop #3. Jaftex is the parent company of Henry Glass, Studioe Fabrics and Blank Quilting.

My friend Linda Lum DeBono asked me if I wanted to play along and of course I said YES!

They gathered 30 of us to play along. During the month of September you get to see lots of great inspiration and have the opportunity to win some lovely prizes.  Stop by and check out the other lovlies this month.


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