Monthly Archives: March 2011

Working on small binding and jumping on the Mug Rug bandwagon.

mug rug

I have been practicing with my new sewing machine. It is so much nicer than anything I have ever sewn on before. I am in love.

I have been reading about Mug Rugs for some time now and wanted to try my hand at it. I also have been reading about using a smaller binding to finish the Mug Rugs. I decided to give it a try. mug rug back

I had some left over fabric from my valance in this fabric I just love. The binding wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. I wasn’t able to get it very tight either. BUT I did finish it by hand on the front. Ahem. I need more practice at finishing bindings by hand. The back side where I machine stitched it on was just fine.

mug rug binding 

The front side…well I had a little trouble with it unfortunately. My hat goes off to people that can bind by hand. Holy SMOKES! It is hard. I think I will stick to machine stitching for now.

mug rug binding oops  

Still, this little Mug Rug along with a Starbucks gift card were happily received from my Sister in Law. I will keep practicing my bindings. It is a lot of fun and these little Mug Rugs are so quick to stitch together. Quite the gratifying project.

A little sewing!

One of the deals I brokered with my husband when he said we were moving, was that I would get a new sewing machine. Ok, I didn’t really have to broker that deal, but he mentioned that he thought it was a good time for me to get a new machine since my old one was about 14 years old. We had purchased it from Wallies for me to make my wedding dress. (Oh please don’t make me post pictures of my wedding dress. We are talking the 90’s people and let’s just say…my style has changed. But at the time it was lovely.)

I finally ordered my new machine and it came it. To say it is divine is putting it mildly. I am in love! It is the most glorious machine I have ever had my hands on. It does everything but wash your dishes for you.
Isn’t she lovely? AND as I was sewing my first project on her, the table finally came in for it too! A machine and a table! My dear sweet husband went and picked up the table for me while I was sewing yesterday. Isn’t that sweet? I could not possibly stop sewing to pick up the table. I was in heaven.
I may have even trembled a little when I took this picture of stacked topstitched Prairie Points. I did. I trembled because it was so lovely.
My sister and her family are visiting from Arizona. We spent the day watching episodes of Wives and Daughters, while I figured out the dimensions of my project and cut the pieces out.
I can’t think of a better way to spend some time…beautiful fabric, something great to watch and the best company!
And of course, my first project for my creative space has to do with houses.
And Love too!

Did I mention that my new love stipples like butter. She glides along the fabric with no effort at all. I just need to figure out how to hold the fabric and move it around without straining my hands too much.