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A Zig Zag Egg.

2 zig zag egg

I have been wanting to make a zig zag quilt ever since I saw Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial. I like that there are no triangles! Brilliant. Not that I have anything against triangles. I may or may not have one triangle project sitting quietly on a shelf somewhere.

1 zig zag for egg 

I thought it would be cute to have a little zig zag in the middle of an egg that I could hang on my wall. My walls are awfully bare. So I whipped this little number up. I did have some single pieces because I wanted the top of the egg completely one color and the bottom another. I had strips of fabric because I was using remnants. After I pieced together the zig zag above, I cut off the top and bottom points and added strips in the same color. Cut it out in the shape of an egg and made the backside too.

3 zig zag egg closer

Kinda cute.

2 zig zag egg

It is spring here. SPRING! Such a glorious word. In Arizona we didn’t really have anything like this spring.


So pretty to see all the trees and plants blossoming.




I even put in a couple of these cuties.


Enjoy your spring wherever you are.

Driving around to appease my house obsession


I am obsessed with houses. It isn’t a specific style or look that I like. I like all different kinds. I like to look at old houses and think about the families that may have lived there. I make up stories in my mind about them. I notice details and think about how someone did that to the house. I think about the house being someone’s home. HOME. Such a great thing.

While my sister was visiting from Arizona, we took a lot of drives around to see houses and small towns. Where we live, there is a lot of history. The houses tell stories on their own without you having to think about it. I love the house above! The trees lining the drive way and the curve at the end of the drive are so pretty.


I don’t just stop my obsession at houses. I love barns and farms too! The barn above is my favorite on my daily drive. The little farm has Mini Donkeys, two Emus, two Alpacas and a ton of Goats. The farmer is at the barn often, taking care of the animals. Did you notice the rock fence in front? There are a lot of rocks in the ground here. They used to stack the rocks and make these fences a long time ago. I love to drive around and see these stacked rocks and wonder what it was fencing off years ago?


There are these large homes and barns and outbuildings that are now abandoned. I wonder what the operation was like when it was still in use? This was quite the house in it’s day.


There are lots of these little churches around every turn. I love this little church. They often have very old cemeteries on the side of the church. This one has some headstones from 1800’s. You can see groups of families and loving notes carved on the stones.


I love the repeat of stars on the sides of the barns and the weathered paint.


This is one of my favorite operating farms. It is nestled in a spectacular valley. The buildings that were standing during the Civil War were all used as hospitals during the war. This one was no exception.


This is terribly hard to see. I debated sharing it. I think it is very interesting so I thought I would share. There is a creek here. My friend is a huge Civil War guy who has books with old maps from the time. I had been wondering what this stack of rocks was for? I talked to my friend who told me that on one of their maps it looked like there was a bridge here. If you look where my arrow is, the other side of the bridge is there! All that stands now are the bases of the bridge. Very cool!


This house is from 17-something! I love the signs in front of the houses telling you when they were established.


There are also lots of memorials from the war. My sister and I were wondering if other places have as many war monuments?


My sister is 14 years younger than me. I was out of the house when she was 5 so I never really got to know her until the last handful of years. I do love her as much as I love my other siblings. She is a fantastic mother. I am so glad she and her little family were able to visit us for a long three and a half weeks. It really felt like being “Home.”

Spring Street happiness

1 new fabric

I just got some fabric from the new line Spring Street from Sew, Mama Sew! and I am in love. I think it may not take much for me to be in love with new fabric. Ha! Who doesn’t love a new line? This line has a sweet panel with many different houses. Perfect for feeding my house addiction.

2 adorable houses

They have patchy borders around each little scene. After I cut each little scene out, I made sure to carefully cut the border out that went around each panel. So cute!

3 fun details

I thought they would be perfect for me to practice more Mug Rugs with. A little batting, some background fabric and you are set!

 4 quilted

I just free motioned around the drawings and stitched in the ditch for the patchy looking lines. Quick and simple. These Mug Rugs are addictive, and this fabric is so bright and happy. We are still in the throes of winter here it seems. It is still COAT weather. I am so ready for some spring.

 6 machine quilting

My sister was still here and we were sewing together. She was working on a skirt pattern that she never did finish. Oops. We spent a lot of time watching all our BBC series and even started watching Army Wives. Uhm, yah. I totally indulged while she was here. It was delightful.

7 eating yummy snacks

We did keep our jelly beans separate though. I love the black jelly beans. She loves Starburst jelly beans. You must not mix them in your mouth. It isn’t right at all.