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Pockets to go

Several of us from the DC Modern Quilt Guild decided to make these cute little caddies at our last sewing day. 
It took me two evenings after that to finish stitching all the binding down by hand. I thought this Mama Said Sew layer cake would be a perfect use for this caddy. I made some changes to the pattern. First I changed the sizes of the pockets inside. There were I think 6 spaces for pens/pencils. I don’t think I would use that many. I made two of them into larger pockets and my rotary cutter can fit into them perfectly! Yay!
The other change I made was to omit one of the outside zipper pockets. I am not afraid of zippers. I just didn’t think I had enough little things that needed to be in a zipper pocket. And, this is a big AND, I wanted to try a little paper piecing on the front. I inherited boxes and boxes of fabric and stuff from my Grandmother. I ripped the design of one of the patterns she had in them and I made some teeeeeeny paper pieced pieces just for this caddy. I ended up cutting it down a bit to fit here. I loved the teeny pieces though. I will be playing more with this design in the future. LOVE it!
When I got home from the sewing day, there was a small box from Colonial Needle Company waiting for me. Of course! They shared some of their awesome Presencia thread with me to share with the guild. Isn’t it Murphy’s Law or something, that the package arrived after I had already left for the sewing day? I’ll just have to share at the next month.
In the box, they had also sent me some things to try. I tell you, the timing could not have been more perfect. All that hand sewing for the binding could have really made my fingers sore. I used their Needle Grip-It. I have not yet found a good thimble for me. I like to still be able to feel what I’m doing. And I often have a little length to my nails. I guess I need an open thimble. I am still looking for the right one. I was able to use two of these little guys and it was awesome! I probably would use a third one on the side of my middle finger the next time. I found that although I use my nail to push the needle through, I use the side of my finger too and that little spot got a little sore. I will be ready for the next time, with three of these little guys!
I did use their needles too. I liked the size of the eye, I loved how skinny the needle was. I just like a little bit of a longer needle. As I get older, my fingers get really sore with teeny movements. A longer needle feels better for me the next day. Just a personal thing though. I will totally keep these in my sewing arsenal. 


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Plum and June

Plum and June

To sash or not to sash

. I had the rows up on my design wall without the sashing. I was starting to like it that way without the sashing. I decided to sash afterall.

I am working on my project for the Madrona Road Challenge with the Modern Quilt Guild. They sent us some fat eights of the blue line. I LOVE it so much that I bought more. I am going to use this quilt in my family room because it is the perfect blue for the room. And it has yellow. Yellow, how I love you.

It is hard to see, but there is an intentional staggering of the rows where there is white on the end of each other row. I guess the quilt technically would make this picture be turned to one side.

I had to finish the top up so I could get to my design wall. I use it every step of the way for making quilts. I love that it keeps all my pieces in order. But you see, I have three other WIPs on my design wall that are taking up space on the outside ends of it. I haven’t figured out what I want to do with them, so they are still up there, taking up the space.

I kind of like looking at one of them though. It may just stay there for a long while.


A couple days ago I received this beauty in the mail! I had entered a blog give away on Dee’s lovely blog and I won! This is my first bloggy win ever. I do so love me some floral fabric. If I lived in a different house…one that didn’t include my husband and two boys…I would be totally girly. So I try to keep the pretties to my Lair. This is going to be perfect in my little space. And it was packed with more floral fabric. Yay me!

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Just one word

Last year, I was lurking on the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. I live in the middle of nowhere and really want to connect with other creative souls. They each made something with their chosen word for the year. I know the scrapbook world has picked one word for the year for a while now too.
The word that spoke to me the most all year long was “JOY”. It is such a small word and can mean so much. I never did anything with the idea though. I did think of it often all year long. But that is it.
This year I decided to pick a word for real. Joy still is in my heart so I chose…20130103_999_8
I rumbled through my meager fabric stash and picked the colors that spoke to me the most. Yellow is my favorite color and I liked this grey to go with it. I wanted to keep my little project simple, so I just picked those two colors.

The letters were typed up from Word and then I just stitched over the printer paper. No products or careful piecing. Just a get-er done project. I had to hurry and finish it before I changed my mind. No fussing.
I used a double batting because I wanted the word to pop.  I just did some free motion quilting to fill in the space.I love texture in quilting. I also just love to let loose and make, not worrying about perfection. I bound it with a teeny binding that is yellow and white stripes.
I hope this year is full of joy. And I hope that I can fully enjoy it.
What about you? Do you have a favorite word for this year?

ETA: I’ve recieved a few questions as to how I did this. It was super simple. I printed the words out on regular printer paper. I layered the grey fabric on top of the yellow fabric (both of them facing right sides up), then put the paper right on top of that. I stitched around the letters on the paper and made sure to use small stitches. When I was done, I ripped the paper off and trimmed around the letters of the grey fabric with small curved scissors making sure not to cut into the yellow fabric below.. Kind of like this