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This and That

So what am I up to lately?
I’ve been doing a lot of chain stitching.
A crazy amount of trimming and pressing.
I almost have this top completed. I just need borders the I can quilt it and bind it. It is a lot of matching seams and trimming and pressing and matching. But it is so lovely.
20130226_999_11 - Copy
I went to the DC Modern Quilt Guild Meeting which was great fun. I was able to give away a ton of 60 weight three ply thread from Presencia. I love that stuff for quilting. It is very strong and super thin. LOVE!
I worked in some time to make a little neck roll for my favorite boys. This one adores it and carries it with him everywhere he goes.
20130219_999_5 - Copy
I snuck in a little time for a birthday party for my favorite 7 year old complete with Superhero Masks.
20130222_999 - Copy
Then my machine got sick with the clickety-clack. I am so sad. I admit I cried a little. (Ahem, a lot). The dealer where I purchased it closed and the next one isn’t very close. I will be sans machine for almost two weeks. Boo hoo.
 20130226_999_2 - Copy
But all is not lost. I picked up a lovely 30 reproduction bundle and am working with my fingers.
20130226_999_6 - Copy
A little hexi love.
20130226_999_9 - Copy
I can’t tell you how happy the yellow fabrics make me!
20130226_999_10 - Copy 
And even though it is so dreary out, I discovered some of my bulbs have come to see me!

Added to

Digging up some OLD posts about Valentine’s Day

Four years ago now, my sister and I started a crafty blog. My sister in law joined in and even my baby sister for a little bit. But then life got in the way and we stopped enjoying doing it together. Or something.

Anyway, I was thinking about some of the things we made and I really need to get my butt in gear for this holiday. Maybe I’ve gotten old and jaded? Maybe I just find I have less time. I have noticed I don’t do all the little things I used to do. It was a lot more fun making with my sisters, sister in law and Mom. Living on the other side of the country makes it a little difficult.


My Mom has this large tin of sucker molds. We could whip up a batch of these suckers so quickly. In the last year, I picked up 8 sucker molds for myself. There is still time for me to whip some up, right? A few hours during the day when the kids are in school.


I loved when the candies were perfectly inserted in the sucker. You could bite half of the candy off and the other half would remain in the sucker. So good.


I loved these Felt envelopes too.

Felt heart envelope


And I really thought this little game was super cute. I only wish I knew where this ended up.

1 finished game

And lastly were the Danish Woven Hearts. Anything Danish is always appropriate for a good celebration, right?

Honestly though, I am making some special treats for breakfast. There will be some food coloring used in the kid’s lunches. I will be in their classes today for their parties. And I have some books and treats to surprise them with. It is so much fun to have the two boys. I feel so fortunate to have two little guys and my Hubby to make things for.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!