Hexi window table runner!

I am in love. Sigh.


I started doing more hand stitching in the evenings. My hubby and I like to watch a show or two after the kids have gone to bed. I like to do some hand stitching while we watch our shows. Castle, anyone? Seriously, my favorite show ever. The writing on that is fantastic!



My LQS is a gorgeous shop that puts together the most fun (but a bit traditional) bundles. I was on the lookout for something happy and spring-y. This bundle of 30’s inspired prints just made my heart skip a beat.



When I was putting these together, I started thinking about leaving a hole in the middle of the flowers. I thought it would be lovely to see the wood grain of my entertainment cabinet through the holes in each flower.




It did cross my mind to piece together some hexi’s in the same shape for the back. But that just seemed wasteful to me. I didn’t want lovely fabric, carefully hand stitched together, that wouldn’t be seen. What is the point of that?

I wanted a little white outline around the hexi’s, like a frame. I didn’t want to have a binding on the edges.




I had planned to hand stitch all around the edges of the hexi’s. I ran a blanket stitch around the inside of each hole by hand. And then it sat unfinished and called out my name. “Finish me.”

For Mother’s Day weekend, we had rented an auger machine and some attachments, to drill holes for a fence we want to put up. Our house, apparently is built on a huge rock. Ha! We ran into more HUGE rocks in the ground than we could have planned for. What a mess. I had planned on sewing all day on Mother’s Day. But instead I assisted my dear sweet husband in the dirt. He is such a hard worker. I couldn’t play while he put in so much hard work.




I was determined to finish this little runner on Mother’s Day. So in the evening, when the kids were in bed, I decided to split the difference and machine stitch the outline of the hexi’s down to the white.

I still think it is lovely! I adore the grain of the wood in the windows and I just love the happy fabrics used. It makes me happy to look at it and even more happy to know that it is done! Yay for done.



24 thoughts on “Hexi window table runner!

  1. That is a major wow! I mean, WOW! I’m so impressed! It turned out perfectly, and you are brilliant for coming up with such a great solution!

  2. It looks amazing Anjeanette!! I am so happy that it was able to work out the way you wanted. I hope you bring the finished product to Saturday’s meeting!

  3. Very nice. I am curious about how you finished the edges of the white lining. I have an applecore table runner that I’d like to finish so the soft grey backing shows just a bit around the curved edges.

  4. I just found your beautiful runner on pinterest and wanted to tell you thank you for sharing … I think this is utterly amazing and unique! Well done!

  5. This is great, I think it really suits the wood, sort of a doily affect. I would like to know more on how you attached the backing, seems like a lot of mitered corners, on the outside but the center bits, how did you do that? lots of patients not doubt.

  6. What a wonderful runner! might have to try something like that – I like the way that the furniture still will show through – thanks for sharing!!

  7. I have just got anew tablet for the first time. Yours is the first site I came across. As I am a big fan of EPP. The table runner was lovely.looking forward to making it thank you Mollie

  8. Greetings Anjeanette,
    You are truly a talented asset to the quilting world. The Hexi window table runner is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is truly beautiful and very artsy. I would love to have the pattern but the company I work for won’t allow the download. Could you please send it to me thru my email address. Thank you so much for all you do to inspire quilters everywhere. You’re the greatest!

    Calico Quilter,

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