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My Twisting Ribbon Table Runner for Riley Blake blog

I think it is crazy awesome that I get to make things and share them with other quilters. Seriously. So. Fun!

Check it out

    Twisted Ribbon Table runner

I am thrilled when other people let me play with their fabric.

I made a western inspired table runner. I just got back from visiting my Grandma in Utah. (We went to visit the Great Salt Lake. Isn’t she cute?)

She is a Cowgirl through and through. I just knew she would love this table runner.

Twisted Ribbon Table Runner 20

She was thrilled to receive it and had to stop everyone that came into her house, and show them the table runner. So embarrassing to be having a family reunion of sorts and have her stop the fun to show my table runner. But it meant she loved it. Then she folded it up and put it aside. There were a zillion cousins running around, so I understand her not wanting it to get messed up. But I hope that now that we are all gone, she pulls it out and lays it out on the table, or coffee table. I make things to be used.


I was going to leave spaces of the white unquilted. But I had so much fun with FMQ that I did the whole background. I SITD around all the printed fabric. (Stitched in the Ditch). I think the dense FMQ makes the ribbons really stand out.

Twisted Ribbon Table Runner 18

Even the backing is the fun red bandana fabric.

Twisted Ribbon Table Runner 19

So much fun! My Grandma loves it and I hope you do too. Go forth and make your own.


GeoCentric tote

When I heard that I could play with some Cloud9 canvas from their newly released line GeoCentric II, I jumped at the chance. I received (3) – 1/2 yards of canvas. I was asked to use at least two of the Cloud 9 fabrics to construct a bag. I could add one solid fabric to it if I chose. I love a good challenge!

When the fabric arrived, I was delighted and surprised at how soft and pliable the canvas was. I did have to use a heavier duty needle and it sewed up beautifully!

I thought with such strong geometric patterns, I picked out a soft bottom weight fabric with a soft grey that in person, matches the grey in the Geocentric line perfectly. It was a little boring right there between the red and grey prints. So I double stitched some folds down to add a little texture to the bag.

Maybe 20ish years ago, in Junior High (let’s call it 10 years ago though), we made Esprit-esque bags in Home Ec. They were large totes with one big pocket on the front. The bottom corners were stitched by making a fold in the middle of the bottom of the bag, and then sewing the fold into the side seams. This makes a little dimensional triangle fold on the outside of the tote. Of course we used a serger and the inside of the totes were unlined. I have always loved the way the totes were boxed that way. I thought it would be a fun little detail on this bag. I did want a totally lined bag though. An unfortunate thing about boxing a tote like this is all kinds of little things accumulate in the inside of that little triangle fold. I like when all my seams are unexposed in bags and things don’t accumulate in the extra folds. So on my lining, I changed up how I made the bottom of the bag. I just boxed it the same way most of the bags I see today are boxed. It nestles nicely into the outside of the bag. I also made the lining of the bag a little taller, so that I could fold it over the top and outside the bag. I thought that little bit of grey was a fun touch.

I had a lot of fun with the hardware on the bag. I also used some grey webbing topstitched to the underside of the handles. I did this both for stability and for a little fun detail.

The bag is lined with Pellon Shape Flex I think it just adds enough structure to this bag.

Inside the bag is a magnetic closure and on one side there are sectioned pockets for my phone and a few other bobbs and bits.

The fabric is so gorgeous! It is absolutely something I would love to sew with again.

Thanks so much Cloud 9 and Sew Mama Sew! for letting me play with this gorgeous new line!

How about some 3 dimensional quilt action on the Moda Bake Shop?

moda bake shop

That is my little tutorial for it. Run over to Moda Bake Shop and make one of your own.

I am sure I say this every time I finish anything, but I super puffy heart love this.


My boys super diamond and budder {Minecraft talk} love this.


You may have seen me making them if you follow my other social media places.

measuring up

This is my son helping me decide if it was big enough.

 see the dimension

And here is one of the pinwheels in all it’s dimensional glory. Uhm, did you happen to notice the people that left me comments? Yah, it makes me giggle to have such awesome quilters commenting on my things. We are all tight now;) Ok, maybe just in my mind. I mean, I have been following some of them for years. In my head we are besties. But I can say that Quirky Granola Girl is my friend IRL. Pinky Swear. She is in the DC Modern Quilt Guild with me. She rocks. For reals.

So go forth and make a dimensional quilt with my tutorial and remember to share pictures with me. My dream is to have someone make something from my quilt tutorials and share pictures with me. It has happened once, to my delight.



Teacher gifts

This year for the end of year teacher gifts I opted to make totes for the teachers. I searched for free tutorials and then of course, altered them to fit my preferences. All in all, I made three different totes each one to fit the preferences of the teacher.


Both teachers loved them and they fit each teacher well! Yay!

The third tote was for the school nurse. My son has a chronic illness and spends a fair amount of time in the nurse’s office. She takes really good care of him. When they took the totes to their teachers, he told me that his favorite teacher is the nurse. So I HAD to make her a tote last minute.

I told her about my little conversation with my son where he said she was his favorite. I think she liked that.

Yesterday we received the nicest thank you note in the mail from her. She said she uses it every day at the hospital and she loves it.

I forgot how much I liked making totes. A few years back, I went on a tote making kick and made totes for everything. I can see a lot more tote making in my future.