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Victoria Findlay Wolfe

When we last left off, I was telling you that our retreat ended with a lecture.

We had signed up to hear Victoria Findlay Wolfe speak. I do actually follow both Bumble Beans blog and 15 minutes of Play blog. Of course, I adore her double wedding ring quilt that she won with at Quilt Con. But for some reason, I was closed off to thinking it was ever something I could really get into.

It was a nice small gathering, which made it super comfortable. And guess what? I totally connected with her story and style! She was a great speaker. She made me cry a few times even. She was just so relatable and it absolutely resonated with me. Victoria was very sweet in person and a real person. And I left feeling really inspired!



I am constantly needing to push myself forward, open myself up to new opportunities and ways of thinking. And I need to stop judging myself and worrying that I’m not good enough.

It reminds me of the Martha Graham quote:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open… No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.”

Oh, and Victoria put up a little video of her day.

A great weekend, great time sewing, and an inspiring lecture.

A little quilty retreat

This last weekend, some of my fellow Washington DC Modern quilt guild sisters Mari, Jessie, Linda and Melinda  decided to head up to Bedford, Pennsylvania for a little get away. Jessie had worked her magic one day when she was visiting her family. She went to Mary’s Quilt Shop for a little sew in and discovered that Mary also ran a retreat right next to the quilt shop. Mary designs for Windham Fabrics. She also collects antique quilts and designs reproduction style fabric.

It was so interesting to learn a little bit about how Mary designed some of the prints and even a Baltimore Album panel. I also really enjoy opening my eyes to other styles from the ones I tend to prescribe to.

The retreat part of the building has been wonderfully restored.

I loved the staircase and all the curved walls and arches.

Each bed had vintage quilt on it. So much fun!


Even the little town is so quaint.

The restaurant we ate at a couple of times was styled with quilts and all kinds of country inspired objects. I was trying really hard to convince Linda that she needed that stack of baskets on the top shelf.

I think it was the perfect getaway! What’s not to love about only girl time, sewing and no schedules. It was also my Birthday weekend and that made it even more special to me.


We topped the weekend off with a little lecture but I’ll save that for another post;)


Quilt Story Lucky Stars QAL

Do you join quilt alongs?

I did participate in the Hopscotch along last  year. I loved that. So when Megan and Heather over at Quilt Story said they were doing a quilt along of their awesome Lucky Stars quilt, I decided to join in. Well sort of. It took me a couple of weeks to get started. I had a fat quarter stack that  was just sitting around needing a quilt.

Do you follow me on Instagram? My name there is Anjeanette007. If you follow me, you saw my progress.

I went slow and fussy cut the center of the squares where I could. I love using Washi tape on my rulers for so many reasons. It makes fussy cutting easier. I use Washi tape on my ruler when I am squaring up a lot of blocks. It makes the whole process go tons faster.

fussy cutting

           fussy cut squares squares all done

I fussy cut some of the postage stamp blocks too. I couldn’t resist. July 4 just barely fit. I love it.

And I tried not to waste anything. I put a couple of extra HSTs I made in the postage stamp blocks. There are two extra HSTs in the block below. Can you find them?

My points are so happy to all be pointy and accounted for. I sure do hate stumpy points. I am pretty sure I have mostly all points intact! Yippee!

It was nice making a quilt that I didn’t have to figure out the directions for. No quilt math for me. Well, until I started to make the backing. I didn’t have enough fabric for the entire backing. I am in the process of taking all my scraps from the flimsy to try to use for the back too. So far, I have one large star for the back. I haven’t had any other time to get back to my machine yet and work on some more scraps.

The timing of the QAL was perfect because I didn’t have anything else on my books. Seems so funny not to have anything lined up in my queue for anyone else. Of course, I’m not talking about my personal queue. There are always a ton of projects lined up there. Ha!

I am linking up with Quilt Story for their QAL. Thanks ladies, it was a fun one to put together.

National Book Lover’s Day

Today is National Book Lover’s Day. Are you a Book Lover?


Moda is doing a blog hop to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day.  They asked us what book inspired us to start quilting. While I confess, that it wasn’t a book that inspired me to START quilting, there are books that draw me into quilting more and more.

Probably the first books that inspired me were ones from my Grandmother’s personal library, like Patchwork Simplified or Complete Guide to Needlework. I used to have Complete Guide to Sewing, which is really wonderful sewing book. Sadly, it never made it through our move to Maryland a few years ago. I have reached for it several times only to remember I no longer have it. Sigh. But I digress. Back to my Grandmother’s personal library. I would sit in the hallway, in front of the book shelf and thumb through her how-to books. The images were often not in color.

The books were absolutely dated to the 70’s by designs in them.

The ideas were fairly simple because this was well before rotary cutters and specialty rulers. And the ones that did have color, heavily used calicos and washed out fabrics.

There was something wonderful about the feeling I had sitting at Grandma’s house and looking through her books. I have a couple of them now. Either she gave them to me, or I sought them out to have in my own personal library. They are by far my favorite books. I find myself thumbing through them over and over.

Of course, there are also contemporary quilting books that inspire me to quilt. One of my favorites is Simplify by Camille Roskelley. I had to buy it when it first came out. The colors were just so bright and cheery. The patterns are fairly simple and the photography is lovely.

Is there a book that inspired you to start quilting? What is your favorite quilting book?

Stop by the other bloggers on the hop and see what books inspired them to start quilting. Also stop by Moda The Cutting Table for your chance to win one of 6 books to inspire you!


My favorite person ever {is my Grandma}!

Yes, the title does deserve an exclamation point. I love this lady.

I swear I have a neck

I swear, I have a neck and chin. The picture is lying. This is me. This is my Grandma.

We just got back from spending a week at her home in Utah. My family, and I do mean my WHOLE family, all ran up to spend some time with Grandma. (Alas, my brother couldn’t make it. Also, my Brother in Law was in Tanzania which made it a little tough to be there too.) I have 4 siblings and they all have families. My baby sister lives in Utah already, so that was easy for her to be there. All of us non Utards stayed with Grandma. Each night, there were cousins all over the floor in every room. To my delight, many if not most of them were covered in quilts I had made for them. It was a lovely feeling walking over sleeping bodies covered in my quilts. I kept saying I was going to round all of them up and snap a picture of them together. But we were busy loving family and that didn’t happen. Also, some of them were from when the cousins were born and at this point are so teeny and threadbare that it was kind of funny. I realized I have a lot more quilts that need to be made and gifted;) I think the oldest one was gifted to my niece and she was born in 1997. Another old one was gifted to my nephew when he was born. He was born in 1998. So yah, that was cool.


My favorite quilt there was made by my Grandma a zillion years ago. It was a whole cloth quilt. No binding, and entirely hand stitched. Teeny stitches in a pretty pattern. And let me assure you, the stitches were perfect. They were probably 8 or 9 stitches to an inch. So evenly spaced. And the quilt has been so loved for years and years. The colors have faded and there is a place where it looks like someone took a bite out of it;) I was just so delighted to see and use this quilt.


I do make quilts to be used and loved.

My Grandma can make or do anything. Along with being a wonderful seamstress, she painted beautifully. My grandpa made the frame from some old wood from the family barn.


And while I am going on about my talented family, I’ll share this picture too. My Dad is an amazing photographer. He also can draw anything. These three kids were my two older siblings and I all drawn in pencil by my Dad!

Aaah, to absorb some family time and be able to reflect on where I got my talents from. It was a great week.