Playing with Fashion Fuse

So the mighty people at Pellon sent me a package to play with. They wanted us to play with Fashion Fuse and see what we could come up with. I received some gold Pleather and some white fur. I confess that I’ve never ever stitched with pleather before. I’ve also never had anything this gold. But I jumped in.

22 finished clutch

The fun of Fashion Fuse is that there are materials like leather, pleather and faux fur that you could not use a regular fusable interfacing for because of the temperatures you would have to set your iron to. These fabrics need a lower set iron to keep their “hand” or the softness of the material.

1 supplies

I was fun to try something that I would never have tried otherwise. I never would have tried gold or pleather. I ditched the faux fur because it made me itch just being near it.

I thought that the gold was enough on it’s own so I went for a simple clutch. I think it is adorable. You should pop on over to the Pellon Projects Blog  to check it out.

Now I can officially say that I have a gold pleather clutch. I think I may use it for my sewing supplies.

What are you working on lately?

3 thoughts on “Playing with Fashion Fuse

  1. I really didn’t know that such a product existed so I’m glad Pellon sent this to you and you wrote about it. I might have been able to use this for the leather yoke in the skirt my daughter just made because the leather was stretchy. How cool of an iron can you use?

  2. Well, that’s definitely new! Too cool – I know a few princesses who would enjoy a little gold clutch or even the faux fur… I might have to check the stuff out for Christmas gifts.

    Neat project, Anjeanette!

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