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Getting ready for Christmas Cards

I don’t know about you, but I love pictures in my Christmas cards. I love to see pictures that include my friends and not just their kids. I want to see how my cousin really looks and not just their kids. I want to see my siblings with their kids, and not just their kids. 20131215_999_29

So each year, I get the crazy idea in my head that it is a good idea to take family pictures.


Nothing fancy of course, because we just don’t plan it out well enough. I just want a casual “we are all together and dressed up” kind of picture.


This year, we added a sweet Goldendoodle puppy to the family. He was born at the end of August and already is a beast! His name, Bear, fits him to a T. He is like a giant teddy bear.


So this last weekend, I rallied the troops. We thought wrangling them on the stairs would help hold the puppy in too.


I had my sweet hubby snap a few pictures of me too. I needed to update all my pictures on my social media. My other picture was almost two years old.

Anjeanette Klinder

I think he did a great job. I had great plans to have my hair colored and cut before pictures. Life happens and I’m real. Let’s just pretend the grey streaks are actually highlights, K?

pictures for cards

I think this one is actually my favorite picture. It makes me really happy. I love how it isn’t technically great, but it is so us.

this one 2013

We opted for this one. And I like it too.

Now I’m sewing my fingers off trying to catch up on all my Christmas sewing!

How about you? Do you love picture cards? Do you include yourself in the pictures? I sure hope you do.

How to make a kite template for the Maple Leaf

I’ve had some confusion about the kite template for the Maple Leaf point on Moda Bake Shop tutorial.

There is a picture of the template which essentially is a line drawing of the template. It is towards the bottom of the post, right where the part about making the point is. You can right click on the image and save as on your computer. I have it here too. When you are printing it out, make sure you are not changing the scaling of the image or it won’t come out the right size. There is a 1″ block you can check for accuracy.

Super Sized Maple Leaf Throw byAnjeanette kite template

If you are still having problems with it, you can make your own template.

Start with a 4 ½” square.

make a kite template Anjeanette K

Measure inside the square ¼” on the left side and the bottom side.

make a kite template Anjeanette K 2

On the ¼” line make these measurements:

make a kite template Anjeanette K 3

On the left side measure 2 ¼” and place a dot

On the bottom measure 2 ¼” and place a dot

make a kite template Anjeanette K 4

From the top and right corner, measure in ¼”.

make a kite template Anjeanette K 5

Connect the dots from the top right corner and left side dot. Draw a line.

Connect the dots from the top right corner and bottom dot. Draw a line.

make a kite template Anjeanette K 6

This drawn line is essentially where you want your seam to end up. Now we need to draw the cutting line. From the two lines you have drawn connecting the dots, measure over ¼” and draw a parallel line.

make a kite template Anjeanette K 7

Cut on these last lines you have drawn. This is your kite template.

I really hope this helps. I adore this pattern and would love for it to be useful for you. I would also love to see if you make one of the oversized maple leaf throws yourself. Please do share!!


Take care,


Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap

I had so much fun making my mini for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap.


If you follow me on Instagram you saw my progress. I do so love Instagram so much more than anything else right now.


I have wanted to try a double wedding ring pattern for a long time now. But I wanted to do stars at the intersections. I thought a mini was a great time to try the idea out.


My partner mentioned in one of her question and answer things, that she liked wonky. I decided to try wonky star points for it.  I am not a wonky star person, so I think it was fun to force myself to step outside of myself.


I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use some of the fabric scraps from Riley Blake Stars and Stripes fabric. So glad I thought ahead and saved a few of those puppies;)


Speaking of puppies, we got one! We are now the proud owners of a 14ish week old Golden Doodle! He is keeping us very busy!