We hung the quilts for the Stitched DC Art Show


Here in Maryland, we have had some pretty big snow storms lately. We actually ended up getting snowed in for a whole day. I mean completely snowed in. Of course this happened on the day we were supposed to set up for Stitched DC Show. On Friday a handful of us from DC Modern Quilt Guild, ventured out to hang the quilts. We had received some more snow and luckily school was cancelled for my kids. My husband was already off and we decided to take the boys into DC and do it together.


I don’t live exactly close to DC, even though I am in the DC Modern Quilt Guild. It is just the closest Guild that I felt like I could belong in. So by the time my little family of four made it, there were several of my friends who had been there for a little bit already working on setting up.


Jessie’s mini quilt was originally supposed to hang under the signage for the Anocostia Arts Center. But it just didn’t seem like a great place for it. Above Linda was holding it in its original position. They decided to hang Melinda’s Hexagon mini there instead. I think it worked well because some of the colors for the sign went with Melinda’s mini. Also, this meant Jessie’s got to hang next to my quilt.


The Art Center is a really cool configuration. It is kind of two hallways that form a capital T. I guess it used to be an old Woolworth’s store. I Loved the old wood floors in part of it.

My husband hadn’t really met my guild yet, so I guess you could say it was his coming out party too. HA! He is very meticulous when it comes to measurements and things being level and correct. I am totally fine eyeballing something. When we hang anything at home, he will always pull out the level and make sure everything is perfectly in line. I thought this job was perfect for him. He got to evenly space the quilts and decide exactly where they would hang. I kept teasing him and saying that his quilts weren’t hanging straight. It was nice having him there to help. I’m sure he was much more productive than I was. I’m nursing a killer headache lately. My hubby and Frederick did an amazing job working together. 


The Gallery director and assistant had printed out pictures of each quilt and taped it to the wall where it was supposed to go. Above is one space with just two quilts hung and below are Linda and her husband hanging the other four.


The Arts Center recently opened NURISH. Taken from their site “This is the second restaurant for entrepreneur Kera Carpenter (owner/operator of Domku in Petworth). With an anticipated opening of January 2014, Nurish will offer a full expresso bar, breakfast, lunch, supper, and beer and wine.”


My quilt was hanging to the side of the entrance to Nurish. Jessie’s mini ended up being hung on the right side of this door, but I didn’t get a picture of it.




It was nice to be able to support our show and help hang the quilts. I had family plans on opening night and wasn’t going to be able to attend. I was happy that I got to be part of it in another way then.  There are more pictures on our guild’s flickr stream. I really adore my quilt guild. I am so glad I found them when I did. I really need that kind of creative sharing in my life.

4 thoughts on “We hung the quilts for the Stitched DC Art Show

  1. Your pictures look great! I’m glad our quilts are hanging out together, welcoming folks to the cafe. Can’t wait to get down and see them again!

  2. You and your fellow guild members do AMAZING work! I wish I could come down and see this show in person. Bravo to all involved!!!

    1. Awe, thanks Regina! We do have a great bunch of people from all kinds of different backgrounds. It really is great. I wish you lived closer.

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