I’m participating in a Layer Cake Sampler Quilt Along, join in too!

My friend Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts is hosting a Layer Cake Sampler Quilt Along. Amanda is a great pattern designer who also owns an online fabric shop.  If you have ever looked at the Moda Bake Shop, I’m sure you have seen one of her designs.

Anyway, she is doing a quilt along for this fun sampler. In the past, I’ve stayed away from Samplers because I just can’t wrap my brain around them. I think that some are just spectacular, but I like a little more order in my world. One of my goals this year has been to push myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I find that almost always, I love the end result when I do just that. And this sampler is just too fun to pass up.

So when Amanda said she was doing a Quilt Along  of her lovely sampler, I decided it was something I HAD to do. It is two simple blocks a week and they are made from layer cakes. Can’t be more simple!

I am going to do a 4 by 4 layout. Amanda shares two different layouts on her blog. I did a mock up in EQ7 so I can color in to see what I want to do. I love doing this and seeing how color placement can change something.

Layer Cake Sampler to color in

Of course, you will have to refer to the images Amanda has done that show you which is a background and which is a patterned fabric in this.


color me happy layer cake sampler

Here was my original mock up with the layer cake I plan to use. I’m going to use V and Co Color me Happy line. I think I may just use the blues, greens and greys and fill in with some solids maybe? Still playing around with it in my mind a little. I need to take colored pencils to paper first to see how my idea would look as a 4 by 4 layout.

Please join in. Blocks 1 and 2 start today. It is just two a week. Oh and check out Material Girl Quilts blog for all the details. (I secretly want to make it in her layout 2 that she shared. Wouldn’t that rock with that dark blue for the background? Sigh.)

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    1. I wasn’t sure if it was ok or not Amanda. Glad you are ok with it. Now that I’m looking at the size of my bed, I think I need to add that last row to my coloring page. I’m not sure until I just do it.

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