Sew Mama Sew Giveaway. Win this tote! {now closed}

*The giveaway is now closed.*

I’ve been around for what seems like a zillion Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Days. I am always delighted and amazed that the things people are giving away. Sadly, I have yet to do a giveaway. To make up for my transgressions, I decided to host my first giveaway with a bang. At least I hope it is with a bang. I am going…to give…my delicious Oakshott Tote away! I am! You can be rubbing this lovely tote on your face.

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You can read all about it in my last post. Basically I used linen and Oakshott to make this yumminess. Maybe you saw my tote on Sew Mama Sew because I participated in their Oakshott Tote Challenge.

Hurry and enter before I realize what I’ve done. I can always just make another, right?

It is different on both sides, remember?

Oakshott tote by Anjeanette

You can have a total of three entries, but you must comment on this post to get these entries.

#1 Leave a comment about anything. Not sure what? Tell me about something you would love to see on my blog.  Tell me a favorite way to fight Monday-itis. Tell me that owning a puppy won’t last forever and that puppies grow into dogs. Whatever you have on your mind.

Two extra entries are:

# 2 Follow me somehow (here, or Instagram) and let me know how. You could follow me  everywhere, but it is just one additional entry. Just tell me all the ways you follow me.

#3 Share with your friends or readers about my giveaway.  Leave a comment on how you shared about it for your third optional entry.  It will be a random winner. But I do so enjoy dry humor. Make it fun for me too and share some sarcasm. (That won’t make it more likely for you to win. It is all about me here.)

I’ll leave this open to international friends! You can enter until May 16th at 5 PM PST.

Make sure you are not a no-reply blogger. I must be able to send an email to you easily. If I can’t, I’ll choose someone whose contact information is easy to get to.

Check out the other cool stuff you could win on Sew Mama Sew Supplies and Handmade Giveaway.

261 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway. Win this tote! {now closed}

  1. Thanks for a gorgeous giveaway, I love the colours and design. Monday is my favourite day of the week as it is my getting organised day. xx

  2. Oooh your bag was my favorite of the oakshot ones! I’d love to see lots of tutorials for fun small and medium patchwork projects like this. Seems like a lot of sewing blogs I read focus so much on full size quilts and not smaller projects I have time for. Lol.

  3. lovely bag! I haven’t tried the oakshott yet – looks gorgeous! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  4. Wow, you’re really giving this tote away?? That’s really generous! It’s beautiful, put my name in the hat please!

  5. Golden doodles are not mere dogs. They remain puppies their WHOLE lives! You can only love how silly they are. I can’t believe you are giving away this tote. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  6. Oh, gosh! I hope having a puppy doesn’t last forever. Our boy is almost a year and a half, though, and he’s still ALL puppy! Yesterday, he made the neighbor’s poodle bleed when they were roughhousing 🙁

  7. I want to rub your bag on my face! Love that line and it is lovely bag. Puppies do grow into dogs, but those dogs will love you always and forever.

  8. Your bag is so pretty. You did a fabulous job on it! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  9. I can’t believe you are giving this away!!!! I follow you on IG (karie_twokwikquilters) and I just slept in till 11am because my daughter made me stay up past my bedtime last night while she finished my selvage shoes….. No wonder teenagers and college kids sleep til noon! Market prep is killing me, but I am almost done…. Did you see the Button Star I got done last night?

  10. What a gorgeous tote- thanks for this generous giveaway! I actually like Mondays a lot because I don’t on Monday 😉 it gives me a chance to recover from the weekend and get set up for the week ahead.

  11. I am so excited this is your giveaway!!! Your was my favorite bag in the challenge and I was sad to learn it was an old unavailable pattern!! Fingers crossed big time!!
    buffyh_6 AT yahoo DOT com

  12. I enjoy Monday! It means you get another chance to do all the stuff leftover from the last week!

  13. Beautiful bag! I can see why you would want to keep it. With two kids under the age of six, the song “manic Monday” goes through my head.

  14. entry #3. might as well go with the airplane theme — I attached a long banner to the airplane and unfurled it above the skies of Canbyland.

    Love the Oakshott fabrics and how you used them in your bag.

  15. Puppies definitely do grow into dogs, and when they get old enough they mellow considerably. Right now my roommate’s old Sheltie is trying to get between me and the computer.

  16. After seeing the totes made with oakshott, I am now buying some oakshott or another shot cotton to try
    that is a beautiful bag

  17. Wow! What a fabulous bag!!! I’ve yet to find a cure for the Monday blues other than taking the day off, and well, you need the dough to buy fabric, right? It’s a catch 22. Your blog is fun, I follow you on Instagram, and I thank you for the chance to be a chic handmade bag slinger.

  18. This bag is really really gorgeous. I sympathize with the puppy thing- my dogs were “puppies” for almost two years before they finally stopped chewing up everything in sight, but it did finally happen and now they’re wonderful well-behaved (usually) super fun buddies.

  19. I wish I knew how to cure Mondayitis – I have it bad as a four pint bottle of milk has leaked in the fridge and taken AGES to clean up!

  20. I wish puppies would stay puppies forever – they are so cute and cuddly and fun!

    … kind of the way I feel about my 1 month old right now, but then again, I don’t want to change diapers, nurse, nor pump FOREVER so I guess it is ok if he grows up. But puppies… they can stay puppies 🙂

    LOVE your bag! So nice of you to give us a chance to win it!

  21. The good news is that puppies do grow into dogs. The bad news is that puppies do grow into dogs. Lovely tote, thanks! wonderlandbyalyce(at)gmail(dot)com

  22. Thank you for being a part of Sew Mamma Sew giveaway. Your giveway is definitely priceless. It is homemade and any of us would be honored to receive such a gift. I can certainly use your tote bag. It is just gorgeous and would be treated with tender loving care. I would add fabric to this tote as well as my worldly quilting possessions.

    Sandi Timmons

  23. such a great bag…i promise to love it properly!! help! i feel like im caving into my kids wishes for a dog!!

  24. Oh my goodness, I was awestruck when you first posted this tote and I can’t believe you are giving this beauty away! I would so love to win this! However, as it is doubtful that I would be that fortunate, I would also love to see a tutorial – with templates? on the blog so I could make my very own.

  25. Your bag is beautiful…love those colors!!! I’d love to see tutorials…thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  26. Puppies grow into dogs, who become your best friend, and you will be so glad you have them you will worry about them growing old!

  27. Oh my gosh, this bag is gorgeous! So excited about this giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win! I’m giving away a bag this week too 🙂

  28. I love this bag! This is the first time I heard of the sew mama sew giveaway.

    Lots of succes from Rotterdam, the Netherlands

  29. Best way to deal with Mondayitis is to think it is Tuesday! And eat cake, for breakfast!!!

  30. Puppies do indeed grow into dogs, and then you’ll be sad and wondering where all the puppy cuteness went.

  31. I fight Monday-itis by working 12(+) hour shifts and only working two in a row. So it’s always Thursday or Friday! They’re killers, but the days off are wonderful. (Sorry, that’s probably not helpful).

    I’m still waiting for my cats (one is 2 years old; we’ve had him since he was 6 months; the other is a year old and we’ve had her for about three months) to grow up enough to learn to cohabit peacefully. The vet said to try a phermone diffuser. I don’t know if they make them for dogs, but the vet swears by them for solving any and all behavior issues.

  32. i love this bag!! it is super cool that each side is different! you did a really great job! i have quilted for over forty years. all of my quilts are hand pieced, hand quilted and donated. but when it comes to handbags or bags of any kind, forget it i can never make one to come out looking like it should. they look like a deformed mess. thank you for a great giveaway. i really need a great looking bag.

  33. Love this bag! My advice for Mondays – get in some easy yoga first thing, then add some coffee.

  34. OMG, I did not know you was going to give this bag away. I just love it. I follow you on flicker and Pinterest. (Please get Bloglovin) Your puppies will not stay little that long and before you know it you will have an older dog. enjoy every day. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  35. Gorgeous tote. I am in hexie love these days. Is there a cure? I would be very proud to own this tote. It would come to a good home and lavishly pampered.Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  36. How could you give away this beautiful bag!
    I love Mondays…it’s my quilting class day!

  37. Owning a puppy won’t last forever. It will just seem that way. But it will be worth it.

  38. What am I thinking about….summer…but first comes a trip to New Orleans…woo hoo! Am I thinking about fun and hooky from school? Yeah 🙂

  39. I would love to win this gorgeous tote! Thank you for the chance! How to fight Monday-itis?… enter giveaways on Giveaway day of course! And no, the dog won’t be a puppy forever. I have a 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier. And I had to put down my beloved black lab/border collie a couple of years ago due to old age. So enjoy the puppy and all it’s vivacity. 🙂

  40. BEAUTIFUL bag! I like hearing about the thought process that goes into making something; choosing colors, solving problems, etc.

  41. What a gorgeous tote. The important thing is to train your puppy well. An obedient dog is a happy dog.

  42. This bag is gorgeous! I love the colors! The best way to fight monday-itis is with a big mug of tea and some exercise to wake me up!

  43. you are so nice – I don’t think I could part with that awesomeness 🙂 I recommend ice cream and lots of sewing for your Monday-itis

  44. Beautiful work! I am feeling very pregnant (34 weeks), and the hot weather has set in. This should mean more sitting around quilting…

  45. I can’t believe you’re willing to part with that tote! GAH! It’s so pretty I almost have to look away. I’m new to your blog, but love what I”m seeing. Thanks!

  46. I love the fabric you used for this bag. Very nice! Thanks for a chance to win it!

  47. In the past week I have realized that only coffee can fight the Monday-itis. And I must be old now, because I NEED my coffee in the morning 🙂

  48. I really love this bag. I fell in love with it on the SewMamaSew Oakshott challenge. It is fabulous.

  49. Well, I’ve never had a puppy so I’m no help with that and I frequently work Mondays. I like to watch Dancing with the Stars and have a great dinner 🙂

  50. Ok. I told people about your giveaway on FB but I simultaneously tried to talk them out of it. I’m selfish like that, ha!

  51. What a lovely tote, I would be so happy if I won it. I have been attempting small quilting projects, I’m not ready to commit to a full quilt yet. I like the idea of incorporating quilting techniques in a tote like this one. Thank you for this opportunity. I follow you on Facebook.

  52. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Your bag is gorgeous. Iand like looking at tutorials and reading about WIPs with photos.

  53. Hmmm…. tell you something…. why is it the mind always goes blank at moments like these?!?!

    Well, I should be doing housework (since it is piling up around me) but instead I have been captured by the Giveaway Day Madness and cannot leave my laptop, whoops!!! 😉

  54. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag! Following you on bloglovin. Puppies always grow up, its just a matter of when. The problem is that their bodies and minds don’t stay in synch and you always end up with an adult dog body with the mind of a nutty pup for far longer than you expect!

  55. I love this bag!! I just adored reading about how you made it in your other post! I won’t ask how you could part with it, I’m just going to put my number in the hat……

  56. I love this bag! I love SMS giveawayday, such a great way to discover new blogs to follow (only disadvantagement: more blogs folliwing means less time to craft)

  57. I love your tote! Your puppy looks super cuddly bet the kids are over the moon with the new addition 🙂 Puppyhood does not last for ever but training really makes a big difference on how a dog fits in with a family and a family with kids is always an added challenge. I have two dogs and I feel like I am their protector from the kids. I crate trained my pups so when I am not able to monitor them they can go have a Kong in a safe place. It really is a wonderful option specially with kids running around. Best of Luck! My two dogs follow me around all day and hang out in my sewing room.

  58. Of all the Oakshott Totes, yours is my favorite! I especially like the triangles side, strikingly stylish. As for puppies…gahh, I want one, can’t have one…wahh
    myzbarb at yahoo dot com

  59. I am so not a pet person. My daughter is five and wants some kind of pet. We’re thinking fish. I just honestly cannot stand the shedding, the peeing in the house, the scratching from cats or dogs.

    glazefamily3 AT

  60. This bag is gorgeous, I was just trying to figure out how it went together and I read this blog! Well, you just saved me a lot of time, I hope I win!!

  61. I love the luminosity of oakshot fabrics. The contrast with linen is a great idea.

    My dogs are old. Very old. Old dogs have challenges like puppies but with less enthusiasm and barking.

  62. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous!! (And I agree about the puppies… sometimes I want one, but I really don’t want a dog, haha.)

  63. My favorite way to combat mondayitis is to sleep until friday afternoon 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I try not to “love” everything, but I LOVE this bag. I loved it when I first saw it in the Oakshott challenge and I still love it! I like to get up early and make chai tea so I can sit with my man and sip it all morning before going to work. Not really funny, but it really does the trick!

  65. Even the craziest dogs do grow up some. My border collie is about 12 and she no longer destroys things or runs circles in the house but if you show up at my house she will still try and get in your lap even if you aren’t sitting down.

  66. No matter what happens to you during the day, your dog will always be happy to see you!
    I love my dogs – even the pound puppies we have dragged home from the shelter have all given us tons of love.
    Your tote is beautiful and just my colours! 🙂
    Thanks for your generous spirit!

  67. Love this tote – thank you for sharing it. Mondays are good – so much potential for the week.

  68. Gorgeous tote! Don’t worry, Monday is over. I find it’s easiest to take the day off 🙂

  69. Oh, wowie zowie how I love your bag! (And, I’d sure love to win it 🙂 I love relatively quick sewing and crafting projects myself, as my time is limited at present. Can hardly wait to retire in 5 years and counting.

  70. I really liked this tote the first time I saw it on SMS. The hexies make this bag in my opinion.

  71. this might automatically disqualify me, but i love mondays! they’re my favorite day of the week! but if you really need some tips, you could try this recommendation from chris pratt of “parks & recreation”: garfield mondays. eat a pan of lasagna & fall asleep in a box. sounds like a near-ideal afternoon to me.

  72. What a lovely bag! I love the both sides are different. I usually get a case of the mondays! it’s always the last-minute scramble to get the kids up and to school. I fight it by coming back from the bus stop and having a cuppa with extra sugar.

  73. Puppies do grow into dogs! However if the puppy is a Jack Russell it may take 10 years!

  74. Boy, would I ever love to win this tote! You did such a beautiful job. Puppies are adorable but hard on your patience. Cheer up , they all grow up eventually!

  75. A puppy, huh? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!! Hide the shoes and all valuables, invest in Brawny,Inc. (you’ll be using TONS of their paper towels) and when leaving the house, turn on QVC or HSN…those gals yack constantly and he’ll think someone’s in the house at all times. Wait approximately 6 mos. and you’ll soon be saying, “He’s the BEST dog in the whole world!”

  76. What a pretty bag! A girl can never have enough bags, right? 😉 I’m sorry that you’ll have to make another one for yourself. I hope it turns out just as pretty.

  77. I love, love, love your bag. I am learning to sew and really having fun. You are really inspiring.

  78. fantastic bag! i find the best mondays are the ones that i don’t have to get up and go to work!

  79. I find that the worst of Monday-itis can be cured by some sewing or crafting time. Failing that online fabric browsing&/or shopping can help, or if you can’t manage that, browsing your favourite blogs or simply daydreaming about sewing does wonders. And the crazy-ness of the puppy phase is over almost before you know it & the unconditional love that they give more than makes up for the puppy behaviours. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful bag!

  80. My son brought home a puppy on 12/21/13. It weighed less than seven pounds. Today it is pushing 60! My 22lb Jack Russell is a super-shedder but this white German Shepherd Dog makes him look like an amateur . I am wearing my Swiffer out and you still can’t drop something dark on the floor. Plus, her hair floats! It’s a good thing she has stolen our hearts. As you can see, I have no advice but am in desperate need of some. Sorry I didn’t follow the rules, but your bag lovely.

  81. I saw your tote on Sew, Mama Sew, and it looks fabulous! Congratulations! I would love this.


  82. You have made a beautiful bag! Unfortunately as I have the furniture to prove it some puppies never grow up.

  83. Love this bag! What a giveaway!!! and yes, puppies do grow up
    But its sweet to see the chewed reminders when they do.
    clunsford at gmail dot com

  84. I loved this bag the first time I saw it – it is so generous of you to give it away!

  85. Beautiful bag, i love the colors. those puppies do grow into well loved dogs. i guess lots of planning ahead helps to save your furniture and sanity.

  86. I LOVE this tote! Plus I follow you every way I can; Pinterest (I think), Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, over the phone in real life. ;).

  87. oakshots are on my must try this list, love the bag, fingers crossed. i also really like what you did with Botanics, i haven’t decided on a pattern yet for my fat 8th.

  88. I feel like I should talk you out of giving this tote away – except I want to win it! I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a link so fast! And yeah, the puppy stage… They really do grow up. But yeah, not fast enough – good luck with that?

  89. And I definitely just emailed this to my sister. And told her to enter. And win. And then give it to me!!!! 🙂

  90. Adorable Bag. To fight Mondays I try to look at is as a new start to start things out in a new light.

  91. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this tote. I knew right away it was yours. I hope it becomes MINE!

  92. It’s 100* in Sacramento, CA today. Ahhhh! I’m not ready for hot hot summer yet!

    (This bag is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!)

  93. Your tote is beautiful. I can’t believe you’re giving it away. Lucky for us though!

  94. This bag is stunning! Lovely to discover your blog, thank you for the generous give away!

  95. gorgeous bag! thanks for the chance. Hm, what’s on my mind? I’m wondering if one of my bunnies is angry with me as she showed me her tail this morning!

  96. This bag is wonderful and so cool!
    I have a very long work to do, but I cannot resist to entering such a nice giveaway 🙂

  97. I love this bag so much. It is stunning. Monday itis you say … Remember that 1/7 of your life will be Monday’s and choose to appreciate the good in them. Don’t wish 1/7th if your life away. Every day is precious.

  98. You already know how I feel about that bag…. Also, fun fact, most people in Canada are NOT cheering for the Montreal Canadiens in the current Stanley Cup playoffs, despite all the malarkey about them being “the only Canadian team” because hockey allegiances run deep and fans of all the other Canadian teams, or American ones for that matter, will to grab the banner of just anyone. 🙂

  99. I love the word Monday-itis :D. My cure for it is good music and a bright lipstick :).

  100. Most puppies do grow into dogs but if you own a labradoodle you will always have a puppy 🙂 thanks for the chance to win this awesome tote .

  101. I am seriously in love with this tote you did such an amazing job. Thanks for the chance!

  102. What’s on my mind is that I am at work and not supposed to be doing this, but I would rather be at home completing my current bag. I love this bag and have seen it our your blog. I love those fabrics.

  103. I fight the Mondays with a few loads of laundry and catching up with my favorite shows that I DVR’d on Sunday night!

  104. This bag is absolutely gorgeous. Puppies do grow into calmer dogs sometimes…… Other times, not so much…. but we love them anyway.

  105. That is an incredibly beautiful bag – I know the Oakshott goes a long way to creating all that beauty, but the shape and the design you used for the patchwork… just yeah. Lovely.

    I work alternating weekends, so Mondays are usually just another day in a string of days for me 😀 The worst are usually Wednesdays because it’s my “boring” day at work and I know I’ll have Thursday off, so it just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags on by. I sometimes combat it by surreptitiously checking Instagram while I’m waiting on my brutally slow work computer to decide if it’s going to do what I’m asking it to do or not!

  106. The bag is absolutely lovely. I fight the Monday blues with a strong cup of Irish Breakfast tea!

  107. If I won your tote I would fill it with all the goodies for a spontaneous trip to Cambria with my husband. That is how I fight the Mondays. Or at least a daydream of a night together.

  108. I count down the days to each giveaway week! They are my biannual guilty pleasure!!!

  109. Seriously? This is an amazingly beautiful bag! I cant believe you’re giving it away! Thank you!

  110. I can tell you that I live on Vancouver Island BC – I can tell you that puppies do grow into dogs but I am sure you know that really.
    I can also tell you that the tote bag you are giving away is FABULOUS and I hope to win it.

  111. I will be following you on Bloglovin and Pinterest – can’t wait to spend some time looking at all your Pin Boards.

  112. I love your bag – fabulous colors and sewing! thank you…. give that puppy some training and they will be a fabulous dog!!

  113. What a gorgeous bag! Thanks for the chance to win it. To fight the Monday blues I listen to loud music on the radio on the way to work!

  114. There is nothing in my house to eat. I thought there were 2 hotdogs, but I think the kids left them on the counter and the dog got them 🙁

    On a totally unrelated note, I really, really hate grocery shopping.

  115. I knew there was a reason I needed to catch up on blog post reading today! Did you know there are not enough hours of the day in May for the garden AND the quilts AND the day job AND the kid? Something’s gotta give… 😉

  116. Puppies definitely grow up into dogs. Sometimes they grow up into 75 pound dogs who still have puppy levels of energy. So be careful!

  117. I was just here before the giveaway I guess, because I saw that bag already and loved the snazzy upbeat pattern. Enter me please…

  118. Love the bag!! You will probably pe kicking yourself for giving it away, by what the hay, maybe I will win!! 🙂 By the way, puppies, just like kittens and babies, grow up to be bigger pains in the butts. 🙂

  119. LOVE LOVE LOVE your tote!!! GORGEOUS!!

    Puppies do grow up…how big is your puppy goin to groooow??? 🙂

  120. I’m a Follower now too…thru Bloglovin 🙂 Found you thru this fun Give-a-Way!!

  121. Oh, I am in love with Oakshott and with this tote. Rich beautiful colors, classic design, I could go on.

    The best advice I can give you is to remember what a friend told me about kids. “Just remember. There is a reason God made 2-year olds [and puppies] cute. That way they’ll live until they grow up.”

  122. Puppies do grow up….eventually! When we first got our german shepherd and were crate training him, he’d whine the entire first couple of nights. My hubby had to sleep on the floor next to the crate with a finger inside so the puppy could fall asleep! Now he’s sleeping with us in bed! Who trained who? 🙂 But honestly, he’s a super cuddler!

  123. I am following you via BlogLoving’, but it’s late Friday afternoon, and I’m too tired to be snarky, or clever, never cute.

  124. I will let my brothers and my guy relatives and friends know about this and remind them that my birthday is in July. On second thought, forget the guy relatives. They’d give it to somebody else. So would my brothers. Darn it. Maybe there’s hope for a friend or two.

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