Flipped corners with rectangles instead of squares!

Moda Bake Shop is doing a row along they are calling a Trifle Dish Sew Along. My row for Strawberries went up yesterday.

MBS Strawberries

For this tutorial, I figured how to flip corners when they aren’t perfectly squares. What am I even talking about?

For example, on my Maple Leaf tutorial, you start with a rectangle and layer a smaller square on top RST. You would sew along the diagonal line of the smaller square, clip 1/4”, and press the top square back.

This only works with a 45 degree angle.

But I wanted to use a rectangle on top with an angle that is randomly smaller or larger than 45 degrees. You can’t do the same thing here. Because the angle is different, if you used a rectangle and followed the same directions, once you press the top back, you are making an entirely new shape and not in a good way. The trick is to make the new corner come out and fill in the space correctly leaving your corner a 90 degree angle.

Here we go. Take a rectangle and layer it on top of another fabric. Line up two sides in the corner. Put your ruler on top. You are going to line up the 1/4” mark of your ruler from the top outside corner of the rectangle, diagonally through to the opposite diagonal corner of the rectangle. **If your rectangle fabric has a pattern on it, you are actually going to lay the bottom fabric with right side up, AS WELL AS THE RECTANGLE FABRIC WITH THE RIGHT SIDE UP.

strawberry cut line

strawberry cut


If you were to just sew the diagonal line and flip with the top piece, you would not come out with a 90 degree corner.  You need to rotate just the top rectangle, by flipping it over. Line up matching the cut lines together. You are going to have a bit of an overhang on each tip. Imagine the diagonal line that went from corner to corner of the rectangle. This is what you are lining up with the edge of the fabric on bottom.

strawberry after the flip

Sew a scant 1/4” seam along the imaginary diagonal line. **You could always draw a diagonal line if that helps you.

When you press this back, the rectangle should be a nice crisp corner.

The beauty of this is that you could use any size rectangle and not need a specialty ruler. It does make you think a little, but it works.

Let me know if this is helpful and if it worked for you. Of course, if you have questions, let me know that too.

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    1. Seriously! I was so excited when I figured this out. I’ve often wondered how to make rectangles more do able.

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