My Sweet Baby Jane mini for The Minis Blog Tour

Anjeanette Sweet Baby Jane The Minis Blog hop

Do you follow Pat Bravo on Instagram? I do. When I saw her post looking for people to participate in a mini quilt blog hop using some of her new fabrics, I jumped at the chance. I chose to use a sweet bundle of Dare because it had such a great mixture of patterns.


I knew after I saw these lovelies that they were destined for greatness. Yes, I said greatness. My guild mates have been making fantastic quilts using the Diabolical Jane design that they started after seeing something similar in a museum. Jessie and Melinda have already made several Diabolical Janes and I have been looking for the perfect fabrics for a Jane of my own.

Anjeanette Sweet Baby Jane The Minis Blog hop 2

The name was Diabolical Jane was chosen because for such simple layout, fabric placement is rather challenging. I thought it would be fun to make my version by highlighting the center of the design and not continuing the blocks all the way through each side. I received fat eighths of the fabric and ran out of the perfect black dot on white background fabric. I decided to supplement alternating sides with the yummy solid in the pack. Since mine is a cute mini, and a little different than the originals, I changed the name to suit this mini a little better: Sweet Baby Jane! I think I always say this, but I kind of love her!

Thanks to Pat Bravo for letting me play along.
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22 thoughts on “My Sweet Baby Jane mini for The Minis Blog Tour

  1. I love how you made this your own =) I think putting a personal spin on a pattern is so fun. Beautiful!!

    1. Awe, thanks Christine. I can’t ever follow a pattern without making it my own. There must be something wrong with me, but it is a fact. Who wants to make the same old thing, right? Thanks for stopping by!

        1. Awe, you are sweet Christine. I can’t ever just follow instructions. I have to make everything my own:)

    1. Yay! Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to figure the details of this out! Loved playing with the fabric!

  2. ohh your mini is wonderful. i love the fabrics you chose. and the placement is fantastic.

    1. The fabric placement took a whole day of playing around! That is the most challenging bit of this design, fabric placement. I had bits of all the fabric I received cut up. I moved everything around until I came up with something I loved. For such a small design, it was really tricky to get it just right. I think it works. I’m happy! Thanks Lori!

    1. Thanks Vicki! Interestingly enough, solids don’t work with this design on a larger scale. But for this modification, I think it highlighted the center well!

    1. Thanks Linda! I thought it was so sweet, it needed a new name too! But just so you know, it was still a whole day of playing with fabric to get the right placement. That design is a tricky one for sure, no matter what size she is!

  3. What a beautiful mini! I’m catching up on the blog tour and I think yours is my favourite. So simple yet so complex, so colourful yet so understated, so modern yet so classic

  4. I love this little quilt. Such a dynamic placement with fabrics that coordinate really well, and a good solution to running out of the background dot. Would hang this up at my house in a minute. Beautiful interpretation.

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