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My friend, Betz White has designed another lovely fabric line with Riley Blake. It’s called Juxtaposey. I loved reading about the inspiration for this line. “Juxtaposey is a juxtaposition of florals and other motifs drawn from textile influences from around the world. I love the stitching and textures of handwork from different cultures. The interesting thing is, the more I look and learn about them, the more I see similarities between them. Flower shapes, certain stitches, placed motifs, border prints, etc. To design Juxtaposey, I took a virtual trip around the globe and interpreted what I saw through my own lens then gave it a little stylistic spin.”

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Betz shared picture collage on Instagram with gorgeous needlework on dresses, and pillows.  The line also has matching wool solids that are now available from Riley Blake. I was thrilled to be asked by Betz if I wanted to play with her fabric. After I sent my request for specific fabrics, I instantly regretted not asking to play with the wool too. It looks so dreamy, and the colors match perfectly with this line. Actually, I had a hard time picking which fabrics I wanted to play with from this line. They are so vivid and happy. The designs are downright fun. Who can resist Llamas, and turtles that make a cute motif? To me, the fabric cried out to be fussy cut. So that’s what I did.


I thought it was more interesting to offset the motifs to make a star. I really enjoy figuring out how to do this. Then, I matched up a triangle of the star and fussy cut half the star points. I didn’t want to be all matchy matchy, so I left the points that don’t make the triangle as just random cuts.


I still had to fussy cut the orientation of each additional star point. I may not be able to describe it perfectly, but I really enjoyed making it anyway. 

I fussy cut this delicious print to look like an embroidered ribbon wrapping around the edges of the pillow. I mitered each corner. Some of them came out perfectly. (Some not so perfect.)


I knew I had to do some hand stitching on it too. I couldn’t find a bright pink to match, but did find most of the other colors.


I started with a couple of flowers and leaves, but couldn’t stop. Seriously, it was so fun to play. I had to cut myself off, or the fabrics wouldn’t shine.


I put a layer of batting behind the block and did some long quilting stitches. It is supposed to be reminiscent of Sashiko embroidery since Betz had mentioned it had inspired her. My hand quilting is a little rough, but I still really enjoyed putting the needle in and drawing it through the fabric.

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I did a row of quilting in each color aside from white.

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It is subtle, but I adore the texture it brings to the pillow.

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Seriously! This print is so pretty and the colors are so vivid.

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The back of the pillow, I made a couple of inches bigger than the front. I gathered the back of the pillow and attached to the front. I love how it came out.

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I regret not asking for more fabric for an entire quilt.

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It’s fairly gloomy here in Maryland right now. This the season for overcast skies and over-exposed pictures, unfortunately. I couldn’t get a bright day for pictures. Still, I think this little pillow is just yummy.

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Thanks again Betz for letting me play with your fabric!

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    1. Thanks! It is a stitch I learned. I can’t think of the name but I’m sure there are youtube videos of it.

  1. Thank you for your project because I am sitting on one yard of each fabric and afraid to cut!! I want to find a project for the whole quilt, do you have any other ideas?

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