It’s my day on RJR Fabrics’ What Shade Are You Blog Hop!

sharpenedHi! Welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m Anjeanette Klinder and I’m so excited to be participating in the What Shade Are You blog hop today! You can read my post on RJR Blog

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve no doubt, been watching my progress on this quilt.

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I started with the most yummy selection of colors. Bright yellows, purply-reds and oranges. It’s my homage to a happy fall color palette.

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I own a midarm machine. Unfortunately, it is in need of repairs, so I went to the local quilt shop and quilted it up with a huge meander. I wanted the piecing and design to be the star of the show.


I still have some of the fabrics leftover and I will be making another quilt with this same combination.

bias binding

I’m not sure if my favorite part is the checked bias binding, the huge checked background or the stripes on the front.

back sharpened

I matched the backing seam off by one row, because I think that is an interesting detail. It’s always the details that make a design interesting.

blog hop Anjeanette 1

The day I set aside to take pictures of the quilt, it was raining and raining. ALL. DAY. LONG. The weather app said there was going to be a break for about an hour. But it didn’t happen. My boys go back to school next week, so they were my helpers. They stood in the rain as we went from place to place without too much grumbling. They are the sweetest. It’s nice that my older son is now taller than me. His long arms make for great quilt holding. And my younger son held the umbrella for me.

helpful boys

Once again, thanks to RJR fabrics for letting me sew with your gorgeous fabrics! Thank you for stopping by.

Pay attention to RJR Instagram account and my Instagram account for a chance to win your own bundle.
Here is a list of the fabrics I chose for this quilt in case you are inspired to make something with it yourself:
33 Optical White
5091-01 Half Inch Gingham Black
5092-01 2.5 Inch Gingham Black
34 Black
182 Lemon Chiffon
92 Goldenrod
326 Sunny Delight
379 Sunny Side of the Street
221 Saffron
305 Butternut
412 Orange Peel
276 Tangerine Dream
209 Cantaloupe
413 Persimmon
367 Bandana
414 Gelato
415 Pickup Truck
287 Raging Beauty
217 Hot Pink
419 Lip Gloss
311 Rio
181 Rhododendron
357 Sunset Ruby
417 Magenta
265 Custard
387 Apricot Ice
216 Orchid

6 thoughts on “It’s my day on RJR Fabrics’ What Shade Are You Blog Hop!

  1. I absolutely adore your quilt! The design, the palette, the backing and binding, THE STRIPES….all inspired. I’d love to share a photo in my upcoming newsletter – would that be ok? I’d link back of course….REALLY lovely work.

  2. A beautiful quilt. I love the pieced top and the fact that the quilting doesn’t overwhelm the quilt. Can’t wait for the pattern.

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