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Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Blog Tour and Book Giveaway!


My friend, Sharon Holland has done it again! She has written a stunning book and asked me to participate in her blog hop.

I have a confession to start out with. I’m quite a Sharon Holland fan-girl. That’s how this whole relationship started. I was kind of obsessed with the colors she put into one of her fabric lines. Peach is such a hard color to get right. And she gets it right every time. In the past, I’ve only fan-girled over her fabric. Now I’m a super fan-girl of her book too!  This book is nothing short of stunning. Pick it up and I’m sure you will become a fan too, if you aren’t already.


Photo by Sharon Holland


Let me try to put into words how this book made me feel. Typically, when I get a quilting book, I don’t specifically feel anything except maybe excitement for a project. But this book made me feel like I was visiting with a memory of something. I felt nostalgic for old quilts that are made with love and passed down to another generation to love some more. I wished I could go back in time and tie quilts with my Grandma, mom and sisters again. I felt warm and cozy.


Photos by Sharon Holland


The book is just lovely. The images are of course, top notch. Sharon is a fantastic photo stylist, apparently reminiscent of her days as an Assistant Editor of quilt magazines. So in that, you are getting a sort of life style book.


The book is packed with all kinds of useful information. Having written a booklet that was limited to a number of pages, I understand how every paragraph of information is taking up valuable space. My booklet had information taken out that I rather wanted in. Sharon was able to pack an incredible amount of useful quilting information into this book. This information is so useful for a beginner but also for any quilter. She talks about color theory, choosing fabrics and patchwork basics.


Photo by Sharon Holland


I flipped through the book trying to choose a project to make. I needed to make a baby quilt, and I’ve been hoarding some Katarina Roccella Skopelos fabric forever it seems. As I was flipping through the book, I was looking for something that would work as a baby quilt with that specific line. The Sunday Paper quilt fit the bill. It is a super scrappy quilt that should have been four large patchwork stars. I thought making just one of those stars would be a super cute baby quilt. I loved the sample in the book because of the scrappy low volume background fabrics. Sometimes making something fit a design is a little challenging. I like how Sharon’s version has a little more depth with light, dark and mid-range fabrics. I had to pull a few more solid Art Gallery fabrics to sub in for a sort of contrast in place of mid range fabric. I think it works great. Originally I had a lot of different low-ish volume prints for the background, like Sharon’s, but I found it too distracting with this fabric. I opted to make all the background fabric the same. I still feel like this is a super scrappy quilt. The backing fabric may be my favorite of the whole bundle. I realized I didn’t use any of it for the front.



I wanted this to be super snuggly because it is going to be a baby quilt. So I quilted some straight lines on both sides of every seam. Then I stitched some straight lines in a super large grid. I think this is the least densely quilting I’ve ever done before. I hope it makes it extra snuggly.



Of course, the days I had to take the pictures, it was dark and lightly snowing. I kept the darkness of the photos because it sometimes is a little dark in real life.



What a great book! Thanks again Sharon for letting me take a peek inside this book and feel so inspired.

The rest of the blog hop is full of incredible designers. Some of them are my friends! What a delight to know so many talented people. Hop on to their blogs for a bit of inspiration too.




Sharon has offered up a free pattern you can find on Landauer Publishing website here. The pattern is called Roman Stripe and is a quickly made from 2 1/2″ strips of fabric.

Photo by Sharon Holland


And now, I’m so thrilled to be able to offer a copy of this book in a special GIVEAWAY to one of my readers!

Photo by Sharon Holland


********My giveaway is closed. The winner has been notified. Thanks for stopping by****

A big thanks to all who stopped by and to those of you who enter my Giveaway!

Thanks Sharon for letting me continue on my fan-girl adventure with another of your blog hops. You are talented beyond belief!


Sharon has put together a fantastic book tour.  I’ve been following along. Yesterday Eleri made a bed sized log cabin quilt from the book. I can’t wait to see what  Stephanie makes tomorrow!  Here’s the full schedule:

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