Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Blog Tour and Book Giveaway!


My friend, Sharon Holland has done it again! She has written a stunning book and asked me to participate in her blog hop.

I have a confession to start out with. I’m quite a Sharon Holland fan-girl. That’s how this whole relationship started. I was kind of obsessed with the colors she put into one of her fabric lines. Peach is such a hard color to get right. And she gets it right every time. In the past, I’ve only fan-girled over her fabric. Now I’m a super fan-girl of her book too!  This book is nothing short of stunning. Pick it up and I’m sure you will become a fan too, if you aren’t already.


Photo by Sharon Holland


Let me try to put into words how this book made me feel. Typically, when I get a quilting book, I don’t specifically feel anything except maybe excitement for a project. But this book made me feel like I was visiting with a memory of something. I felt nostalgic for old quilts that are made with love and passed down to another generation to love some more. I wished I could go back in time and tie quilts with my Grandma, mom and sisters again. I felt warm and cozy.


Photos by Sharon Holland


The book is just lovely. The images are of course, top notch. Sharon is a fantastic photo stylist, apparently reminiscent of her days as an Assistant Editor of quilt magazines. So in that, you are getting a sort of life style book.


The book is packed with all kinds of useful information. Having written a booklet that was limited to a number of pages, I understand how every paragraph of information is taking up valuable space. My booklet had information taken out that I rather wanted in. Sharon was able to pack an incredible amount of useful quilting information into this book. This information is so useful for a beginner but also for any quilter. She talks about color theory, choosing fabrics and patchwork basics.


Photo by Sharon Holland


I flipped through the book trying to choose a project to make. I needed to make a baby quilt, and I’ve been hoarding some Katarina Roccella Skopelos fabric forever it seems. As I was flipping through the book, I was looking for something that would work as a baby quilt with that specific line. The Sunday Paper quilt fit the bill. It is a super scrappy quilt that should have been four large patchwork stars. I thought making just one of those stars would be a super cute baby quilt. I loved the sample in the book because of the scrappy low volume background fabrics. Sometimes making something fit a design is a little challenging. I like how Sharon’s version has a little more depth with light, dark and mid-range fabrics. I had to pull a few more solid Art Gallery fabrics to sub in for a sort of contrast in place of mid range fabric. I think it works great. Originally I had a lot of different low-ish volume prints for the background, like Sharon’s, but I found it too distracting with this fabric. I opted to make all the background fabric the same. I still feel like this is a super scrappy quilt. The backing fabric may be my favorite of the whole bundle. I realized I didn’t use any of it for the front.



I wanted this to be super snuggly because it is going to be a baby quilt. So I quilted some straight lines on both sides of every seam. Then I stitched some straight lines in a super large grid. I think this is the least densely quilting I’ve ever done before. I hope it makes it extra snuggly.



Of course, the days I had to take the pictures, it was dark and lightly snowing. I kept the darkness of the photos because it sometimes is a little dark in real life.



What a great book! Thanks again Sharon for letting me take a peek inside this book and feel so inspired.

The rest of the blog hop is full of incredible designers. Some of them are my friends! What a delight to know so many talented people. Hop on to their blogs for a bit of inspiration too.




Sharon has offered up a free pattern you can find on Landauer Publishing website here. The pattern is called Roman Stripe and is a quickly made from 2 1/2″ strips of fabric.

Photo by Sharon Holland


And now, I’m so thrilled to be able to offer a copy of this book in a special GIVEAWAY to one of my readers!

Photo by Sharon Holland


********My giveaway is closed. The winner has been notified. Thanks for stopping by****

A big thanks to all who stopped by and to those of you who enter my Giveaway!

Thanks Sharon for letting me continue on my fan-girl adventure with another of your blog hops. You are talented beyond belief!


Sharon has put together a fantastic book tour.  I’ve been following along. Yesterday Eleri made a bed sized log cabin quilt from the book. I can’t wait to see what  Stephanie makes tomorrow!  Here’s the full schedule:

Monday 12/4  Heidi Staples – Fabric Mutt
Tuesday 12/5  Amy Friend – During Quiet Time
Wednesday 12/6  Maureen Cracknell – Maureen Cracknell Handmade
Thursday 12/7  Amber Johnson – Gigi’s Thimble
Friday 12/8  Karen O’Connor – Lady K Quilts Designs
Saturday 12/9  Kori Turner-Goodhart – Olive Grace Studios
Sunday 12/10  Silvia Sutters – A Stranger View
Monday 12/11  Sarah Maxwell – Designs by Sarah J
Tuesday 12/12  Jessica Swift – Jessica Swift
Wednesday 12/13  Lisa Ruble – Love to Color My World
Thursday 12/14  Cindy Wiens – Live a Colorfullife
Friday 12/15  Eleri Kerian – Sew and Tell Project
Saturday 12/16  Anjeanette Klinder – Anjeanette K
Sunday 12/17  Stephanie Kendron – Modern Sewciety
Monday 12/18  Christopher Thompson – The Tattooed Quilter
Tuesday 12/19  Susan Playsted – Hopewood Home

30 thoughts on “Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living Blog Tour and Book Giveaway!

  1. Brilliant to use one of those super big blocks from Sunday Paper as a baby quilt! The colors and graphic quality of this quilt will certainly be a forever keepsake for that lucky little one. Anjeanette, I’m so happy to have you on my tours, your work is always exquisite and you are the nicest person and friend!


  2. I need Sharon’s book in my life! Love what you did with the colors and fabric and explaining your choices. That was helpful.

  3. I’ve been quickly becoming a Sharon Holland fan-girl, too, so I’m happy for her blog tour since it’s introduced me to a few new (to me) quilters / designers such as yourself. 😀 Your baby quilt is beautiful! 😍 I love the fact that it’s not babyish, only baby sized, so that it can be used and loved well past the baby’s first few years. 💞 I also love how you took one block from one of Sharon’s patterns and made it a quilt on its own as I often think of doing things like that myself. 💖 Thanks for inspiring me and for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! 📦 Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁🎅

  4. I have fallen in love with this book and all the quilts! Your baby quilt is delightful. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of this wonderful book.

  5. I always enjoy seeing how others interpret a great pattern. This looks like a wonderful baby quilt. Thanks for showing us another take on a design from this book.

  6. Love Love LOOOOVE your Quilt!! Gorgeous & looks soooo snuggle worthy too!! Love it!!

    Thanks too..for chance to win your Give-a-way

  7. You are so right about Sharon being so talented! She has the perfect talent in choosing the right colors and angles and fabrics to always make show-stopping pieces! I’d love to be filled with inspiration from her book!

  8. Your post is beautiful! I just got a Skopelos FQ bundle to complete a different quilt but also was hoping to have some extra to do something for me with! I love your Sunday Paper Quilt. I had a hard time choosing between that and Night & Day!

  9. Thank you for sharing the beautiful baby quilt! Very pretty fabric choices. Not only will it be a soft place to snuggle, I expect the contrasting fabrics will be very interesting to the baby as she starts to distinguish colors and shapes. Very sweet. And lovely write-up of Sharon Holland’s new book–thanks!

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