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Anjeanette Klinder

I am Anjeanette Klinder and I like to make pretty things.

When I was a little girl, my Grandma would sew us all matching 70’s awful, brown outfits. She learned to sew and make pretty things from her mother. In the summers, I went with my sister to sewing camp. I took sewing and clothing design classes all through to high school. My mom, sisters, Grandma and I would all sit around large frames and tie off quilts.  I have been dreaming in fabric for years.

This is my place to share my journey with you.


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  1. I am in love with your hexi window table runner! I have tried to recreate it, however, I cannot figure out how you did the back. What size hexies did you use? I used inch and a half and I cannot get around the corners with the back fabric. I’m wondering if mine are too big. And your photo of the back makes it look like you didn’t do any folding at the corners. Would you be willing to share how you did this? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

    Carol Grant
    Freehold, NJ

    1. Thanks Carol for your email! It was a bit of work to get it to work the way I wanted. I have it in my to do list, to write a paying pattern for this. I would gladly let you know when I finally get the pattern written. I do a lot of free tutorials for Pellon, Riley Blake, Moda and even a couple on Sew Mamma Sew! I just put a lot more work into this one project.


  2. Anjeanette, I need your help… is your stitching together for EPP a zig zag with part of the stitch under the fabric and part on top? Not sure I totally understand but I like what I see better than whip stitching cause I also don’t like the look of the whip stitches. If they aren’t even I just unpick and unpick so I have been looking for another way to stitch them together….
    Thanks for your help!!

  3. On behalf of Michael of Oakshott Fabrics:

    Are you going to Quiltcon?

    If you are, I wondered if you’d be kind enough to take along your Oakshott Lakes Challenge project? Our great friend Maria of Pinwheels will be exhibiting and would love to display your work on her stand. (You’ll be able to see our Oakshotts in their full glory, too!)

    You can find her at Booth 520.

    Many thanks and best wishes.

  4. Hello Anjeanette,
    (I hope this is an appropriate place to post this; I was unable to find any other contact information. Apologies in advance — and please feel free to delete — if this does not belong here.)
    I’ve been studying your tutorial at http://www.modabakeshop.com/2013/09/bake-shop-basics-quilt-borders.html. I am fascinated by the quilt itself, and cannot quite figure out the construction. (The white sashing pieces separating the HSTs have me stumped.) I searched your site and the Moda site and could not find any information on the quilt, just the borders.
    Is there a pattern or tutorial available for this, and if so, would you be kind enough to direct me toward it?
    Thank you so much!

        1. Actually, I found it (with help from some quilting friends). It’s in McCall’s Quilting November/December 2011, and I happen to own it. Can’t wait to make it! Thanks again for your kind reply, and for the wonderful tutorial on adding borders.

  5. Dear Anjeanette,
    I am having a great time making the quilted leaves. I have 2 questions.

    1. Did you add a bit of length to the off white pieces which match the background fabric so that you would have a bit to fold under around the edges but still keep the points of the leaf sharp?
    2. How did you attach the leaf block to the background fabric?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Joyce!

      I’m guessing you are commenting about the charm leaf tutorial I posted September 2012? The tutorial only shares how to make the leaves. The setting is entirely up to you! I added borders to all the sides, I believe to make it the finished size I wanted it.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Dear Anjeanette, I am inspired by your Hexi Window table runner. My goal is to make a vest with the Hexi Window motif. I plan to finish and wear it by next year’s QuiltFest of Jacksonville in Florida. This year I made a vest with 557 yo-yos ( my neighbor gave me a couple of yo-yo pillows that I disassembled and used so I could meet my Quiltfest deadline. Your hexi-window motif will reduce the number of 3/4 inch hexis I’ll need.

  7. Hi there, I just came across your lovely maple leaf table runner and plan to make one soon. I wondered about the finished dimensions as I have a very narrow window next to our front door and am looking for seasonal patterns to fill the space and welcome friends with something more attractive than a blank window. Would appreciate if you could let me know, thanks.

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