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My Sweet Baby Jane mini for The Minis Blog Tour

Anjeanette Sweet Baby Jane The Minis Blog hop

Do you follow Pat Bravo on Instagram? I do. When I saw her post looking for people to participate in a mini quilt blog hop using some of her new fabrics, I jumped at the chance. I chose to use a sweet bundle of Dare because it had such a great mixture of patterns.


I knew after I saw these lovelies that they were destined for greatness. Yes, I said greatness. My guild mates have been making fantastic quilts using the Diabolical Jane design that they started after seeing something similar in a museum. Jessie and Melinda have already made several Diabolical Janes and I have been looking for the perfect fabrics for a Jane of my own.

Anjeanette Sweet Baby Jane The Minis Blog hop 2

The name was Diabolical Jane was chosen because for such simple layout, fabric placement is rather challenging. I thought it would be fun to make my version by highlighting the center of the design and not continuing the blocks all the way through each side. I received fat eighths of the fabric and ran out of the perfect black dot on white background fabric. I decided to supplement alternating sides with the yummy solid in the pack. Since mine is a cute mini, and a little different than the originals, I changed the name to suit this mini a little better: Sweet Baby Jane! I think I always say this, but I kind of love her!

Thanks to Pat Bravo for letting me play along.
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My Cascading Star quilt for the Jaftex Blog Hop


** My drawing is now closed.  I’m sending an email to the winner.

Regina said :This is great -the fabric flip and faced binding are great new tools to take away from this project.”   Thanks for entering all.

Waaay back in June of 2013, I got to play with some fabric from Henry Glass & Co for the Desire to Inspire posts on their blog. They sent me some fabric and I could make whatever I wanted with it. I love a good challenge.

Fast forward to this summer. I was contacted by Henry Glass again and asked if I wanted to participate in a blog hop. Sure. Of course. I am always game to play with fabric.

I present to you my Cascading Star mini quilt. Isn’t she lovely?


They sent me a bundle of Fusion Illusion fabrics from Blank Quilting Corp. (Part of the Jaftex family.) I got to use the bundle and some white textured fabric they sent, to make something for the blog hop. When the fabrics arrived, I knew exactly what I was going to make. This fabric is bright and bold and in a fairly good rainbow variety of colors.

My favorite quilt I’ve ever made has to be my Botanics Star Quilt.


It hangs on my family room wall and I spend a fair amount of time looking at it. When I looked at these interlocking star shapes, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like with the legs forming some kind of chain of cascading stars. The interlocking long legs would create a ribbon of stars that meander over a space.

I wanted to keep all the legs of each individual star in the same color so I flipped over alternating legs to use the backside of the fabric to create some dimension. I think it is very subtle but effective in creating distance and dimension. (The leg on the right is the wrong side of the fabric.)2015_08_04_6597

I flipped over some of the background pieces as well, to give a subtle dimension.  Then I laid out my stars into individual stars.


I wanted the legs of each star to be varied and wonky, some of the tips missing even.  That is a big one for me. I normally like order and perfect points. Since I was playing, I wanted to throw caution to the wind and just explore the shapes.

I had made a mock up of how I wanted the mini to look and specifically which leg needed to be long and touching the next star. I referred to my diagram as I made each star. The colors on the diagram were purposefully done so I could tell which leg was to be with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. Each touching leg is a darker color…right side facing up.

cascading stars by Anjeanette Klinder


With all the white in the background, I really took time to think about how I wanted to bind this. I didn’t want a bright color to interfere with the edge of the mini.

faced binding by anjeanette

I figured this was the perfect time to try a faced binding. I love how it turned out.



The faced binding is hand stitched to the back so there are no lines from the front!

I love it and am so glad for the chance to participate in the blog hop celebrating Jaftex.


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